True Ghost Story: The Chair Moved

Location: Manitouwadge, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Jamie on Feb 20, 2007:

 “There are two to tell. It was a winter afternoon here and it was snowing. My husband and I were sitting watching t.v. and the doorbell rang. I got up to answer and nobody was there. We just sat back down and stated watching t.v. again and we heard some children playing outside, then the doorbell rang again so we thought that they were just playing with us so I got up to put a stop to it and there was no one there again. I looked down and there was no foot prints leading to the door or anywhere in the drive. My husband got up to look outside and there was to traces of kids even playing out front where we heard them.

The next one was about 6 months later and I was sitting on the couch watching t.v. and my husband was lying in bed reading. My one cat was asleep beside me and my other was in the chair across from me, sleeping also. I was just sitting there and the chair at the dining room table moved out about a foot from the table all by itself. I let out a soft scream ’cause it startled me and my husband asked me what I was doing and I proceeded to tell him about the chair, he asked me where the cats were, and I told him and he got up to inspect our chair. Obviously found nothing, but these incidents keep us on our toes.”

Update from Jamie sent into our website on April 15, 2017:

“It was in the winter of 2010 and my husband and I were renovating our spare room. We emptied the room, everything but the futon as it wouldn’t fit out the door without taking it apart.

We just finished taking out the old drywall off the walls and loading the room with the new sheets. We layed them against the wall opposite the door so we could get in and out the room (obviously). The futon is now placed in the center of the room. We were done for the day (it was around 9:30p.m.) so we left everything where we left it and closed the door to keep the cats out.

Next day we get up to start our day of more renos but couldn’t get into the room because the drywall was now along the wall beside the door up tight to the door preventing us getting in! Please explain that to me?!?!

That following summer, I’m at home alone for the night and I’m watching TV.  The power goes out for about 10 mins. When the power comes back on, I hear my phone and answering machine beep to show power…so I think I should really reset my greeting on the machine. So I get up and record my greeting….the usual garb of we’re not home please leave a message yada yada yada.

Well about a week later my husband and I come home and there was a message on my machine from my Mom asking me to call her back, but she also commented that there was something wrong with my greeting?!?!

So my Husband and I played our greeting back and sure enough something is speaking over me (at the same time as me speaking). It says, “What’s this?” in a deep husky male voice, yet very clear.

These last two stories are our most unsettling ones.”

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