True Ghost Story: A Face Staring At Us

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Andrew on Nov 13, 2013:

“One day I was at home alone with my friend. It was 9:34 pm and we heard a big bang. I walked out to the kitchen and there was a hole in the wall. Later that night me and my friend heard walking upstairs, so I took my video camera and took a video. We caught a face staring at us . About 5 min later I took photos and caught nothing.

When my parents got back, me and my friend told my mother what happened. She instantly did a smudging and the activity stopped. But every couple of days stuff will go missing, like keys and money then will be found somewhere random in the basement.”

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Kingston Ghosts: Is The House Alive Or Just Haunted?

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Arabella on Aug 15, 2012:

“I’m not sure if this qualifies, but when I was little, my family consisting of my mother, my father, my sister, and myself moved from a house in the “country” to a house in a township. I was about 2 years old at the time, my sister about 6 months. When I was old enough to speak, I’m not sure exactly at what age that was, I had the urge to name my house “Violet”. I have since called the house, which I have lived in for the past years of my life, since we moved, and have become very attached to it, and won’t let my parents sell it or knock it down or whatever would mean taking it from me. Back to my point…

When I was 13, my sister started to go to a church her friends went to, and enjoyed it very much. Every Wednesday night, from about 6, 6:30 to 8pm, my mother (and my father if he wasn’t working nights) took her and I was allowed to stay home by myself. For the first few weeks, I had a friend of mine, Maddie, come over and we’d hang out and watch movies and jump on my trampoline. And when my parents got home, we’d take her home. In the summer, or odd days when the Thursday following was a PA day, she would stay overnight.

I found as I got into the 8th grade, I liked be alone in my house a lot more. So, I started to stay home by myself. The first few times, uneventful. But, then one night, my mom asked me to put some stuff down in the basement (which is fully furnished and perfectly pleasant to be in). My hands were full, and I was going to hit the lights for the rec room with my elbow so I wouldn’t walk into anything, they just came on. I stood still for a fraction of a second, nodded to myself, and said, “Thanks, Vi.” I put the stuff away, and as I reached for the lights again, they just turned themselves off. Again, I nodded to myself, said, “Thanks, Vi” and went back upstairs to watch TV, thinking nothing of it. Of course I didn’t tell my parents or sister.

Now, everything that happens, happens when it’s me, and me alone. My house is not old, like some of the other ones in the stories I read, not Victorian, not over 100 years old. When I moved in, it was no older than 4 years old, and was going on about 20 when this stuff happened, and it’s been happening since I was little, too.

I was scared of the dark. When the power went out, the one thing that would stay on was my night light, and you couldn’t turn on another thing in the house, lamps, fans, that kind of stuff. It was the only thing my parents ever saw.

Now, back to when I was 14. When I was there alone, lights would randomly come on in the dark, like the house was trying to draw my attention back there. Usually for a good reason, too. My dogs wanting out or in, reminding me of something I was asked to do, etc. The TV would come on when I was else where or away from the remote of the TV itself, about the time a show I’d planned on watching was about to begin. I also have a pausable TV, and it’d pause on its own, too. The radio would come on, tune in to my favorite station specifically. The dryer and washer will come on, and when the cycle(s) are finished, they won’t do anything until a new load was in, though this happened only once, as did the dish washer, and I’d thought at the time my mother had put it on a timer, but she said she hadn’t when I’d asked her. When she asked why I wanted to know, I just said I THOUGHT I heard it, but since she hadn’t, I didn’t. And I most certainly did, I have sensitive hearing, and the dish washer is quite loud anyways. Chairs DON’T move, it seems to be things that are connected into the house itself. Computers, TVs, lights, doors, and radios. I assume it’s my house.

My house has adored me since the moment I entered it, and I’m not the only in my family that EVERYTHING in the house works for. No, it’s not that my parents or sister don’t know how to use it, it’s just that it doesn’t co operate with them. But ask it to do something for me, and BAM! It works perfectly. So, it adores me, and I it.

Now, do these things make my house itself possessed by a ghost? Or is my house, my Violet, simply aware?”

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True Ghost Story: Barefoot Apparition In White

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on Dec 20, 2004:

“I was driving with a friend a few years ago to Kingston and we decided to take the scenic route along the Thousand Island Parkway. It is a beautiful stretch of highway. We began to come around a curve in the road, when all of a sudden, I saw what looked like a young woman walking along the side of the road wearing a white dress and barefoot. All of a sudden, she disappeared behind the trees, but the trees she disappeared behind were beside a really steep embankment and anyone who attempted to walk down that way would fall and get hurt for sure but she was nowhere to be found. My friend did not see what I saw, so I thought maybe my imagination was getting the better of me. The only thing was I knew that this kind of thing had happened to me many times before and so it was not that far off from being real.

A little farther up the road, my friend’s car started to act up so she decided to stop her car and look under the hood. Right across the street from where we pulled over, there was this forest like area with a little clearing, right on the side of the highway. It was kind of an odd spot for this kind of clearing. And then I noticed that there were about four or five old graves in there and it was what looked like a family cemetery on the side of the highway. I was intrigued and decided to go in and look at the graves that were there and see who they belonged to. They were not kept up over the years and were broken and basically looked abandoned. Well, upon entering this small abandoned cemetery, I started to feel extremely nauseous and dizzy. I noticed the graves were indeed those of a family and a couple of them belonged to small children. I decided to investigate this further when I got into Kingston. I found out this gravesite was of an affluent family from Kingston in the 1800’s who owned some kind of mill or plant or factory or something. The children who passed away died of influenza as well as the mother. It made me leave wondering if the woman I saw on the highway that day was the mother and if that nauseated feeling I had was kind of a “sympathy pain” I was getting from being in this cemetery. The experience was very odd, but I have not forgotten it since that day.”

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