Edinburgh Ghosts: Old Lady Standing Behind Me

ghosts haunted paranormal Edinburgh Scotland

Location: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Ghost report by Steve on March 3, 2015:

“It was 2003 around November, so it was the height of winter. I was working as a breakfast chef in a retirement home. My day would start at 7 am and breakfasts usually started at 8 giving me an hour to prepare and fire up the ovens (which was a blessing in winter).

Once I had everything up and running I made myself a bite to eat. At the back of the kitchen there was a series of large windows which was great in summer as you could see for miles into the beautiful Scottish countryside. But in Winter it was pitch black and all you could see was the artificial light reflecting back the entire room.

I was at the bench finishing up my breakfast when I looked up out the window and in the reflection I could see an old lady standing behind me. She was short and slightly hunched. At first I thought it was a resident that seen the light on and wondered in curious. It wasn’t unusual for that to happen, we just shoo them out and tell a nurse. So as I turned around to engage her, no one was there. It took a minute to register, fully expecting to see someone then nothing. I started looking under tables and in storage rooms, eventually leaving the kitchen to see if she was around, finding a nurse I asked her if any of the residents were up she told me no.

I still to this day remember what she looked like and in no doubt that a resident could have left the kitchen that quick.

It didn’t end there though. Any time I was alone in the kitchen I could hear feet shuffling and sighing, but I never felt scared or uncomfortable so just coexisted.

At the time I was a little disillusioned with the paranormal world. The groups I was with were more a gossip circle, fabricating evidence and half-assing public gatherings. I think it was something giving me affirmation, letting me know there is something out there.”

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