New Haven Ghosts: Woman Dressed In A Huge Hoop Skirt

Location: New Haven, Missouri, United States

The following report was sent into our website by Thomas on Aug 27, 2014:

“When I was about 11 yrs old, my family moved into a very old farmhouse. I went with my uncle to the house about a week before we moved in. My uncle was in the basement looking around, hoping to find some antiques. So, getting bored, I went upstairs to the first floor. And that’s when I heard someone coming down the stairs. Not really thinking about it, I walked to the sound of the footsteps. I get to the stairs and I look up and see a woman dressed in a huge hoop skirt that went down to the floor. I thought she was dressed odd, and I could hear the rustling of her dress as she turned towards me. We look at each other, and right when I was going to say “hi” my uncle came up from the basement and I turned around, and when I turned back around she was gone!

After living here for about two or three days, I was asleep and someone had grabbed me and shook me really hard. I woke just in time to see no one shaking my brother in the same way. He says “why did you wake me up?”. I said “I didn’t I am way over here”. He screamed and turned on the light.

So, the next day I was awake, and this time I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The door opened, but this time I got out of bed and I watched my brother get shaken again. So, after this I set my alarm and woke up in time so the shaking’ s stopped.

I never felt threatened or scared the whole five years we lived there. I just think it was the lady of the house doing what she did for all those years living on that farm. I can still picture her with her black eyes and shimmering satin dress. But I never felt threatened, and I hope she has moved on to a better place.”

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