The Chaleur Phantom Ghost Ship – Haunted New Brunswick Database

Location: Chaleur Bay, New Brunswick, Canada
Type: three-masted ship
Built: n/a

For hundreds of years, there have been numerous reports of people seeing the apparition of a “three-masted, fully-rigged schooner” a few miles off the shoreline of Bay Chaleur (a.k.a. “Baie des Chaleurs”). This ghost ship is known as ‘The Chaleur Phantom”.

‘The Chaleur Phantom” has been reported to be sighted in both summer and winter, and often precedes a storm. The majority of sightings indicate that the ship is on fire. Some who have seen the ship up close say they have seen people burning on the deck. And the ship disappears if you get too close to it.

Some dismiss the reports saying that the sightings of the “fire” could be caused by flammable gas from an underwater seam that litters nearby Miscou Island ‘s beaches with lumps of coal made from petroleum. And that the ship is just an illusion. However, this standpoint is questionable because the “ship” (or fire source) moves away from boats when trying to chase up to it. But perhaps that is just an illusion too.

Others say it is simply the work of St.Elmo’s fire, however, there is a lot of doubt to this theory as it does not completely fit the description.

Another theory is that it is a form of luminous sea life, but biologists have discounted this because it has been also sighted when the water is frozen.

So, which ship is this? Many have speculated, but nobody can be certain yet. There are four schools of thought as to which ship this is. The most popular is that the phantom ship is the Spanish ship that kidnapped some Natives, and that when the ship returned the Natives burned it down out of revenge. Others say that the phantom ship was the ship that had settlers on it and was set on fire by the British army. The third theory is that this could be the pirate ship that was chased up the Bay by a “man of war” and was set ablaze killing all on board. Yet others say that this was a war ship set afire by bursting shells during the war of 1812.

Also interesting about this case is that reports indicate that in 1937, and also in 1965, the phantom ship was reportedly seen in the Northumberland Strait. Is this the same ship as the infamous Phantom Ship of the Northumberland Strait? Click here.

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