True Ghost Story: He Looked Right At Me

Location: Cayuga, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Rob on July 16, 2014:

“I had just been released from the Military after ten years, my last tour was Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. I was looking to move closer to my wife who I was trying to work things out with and be close to my boy. Well the only place that was available at that time was an old apartment flat that had always been a flat since 1843 according to the landlord. I didn’t care of the age, I just wanted to be closer to my wife and son.

The first few nights were fine, then the footsteps began about 3 days later. It didn’t bother me at first because all old apartments have been lived in a lot. Noises are bound to happen since it’s almost two hundred years old. I began to notice the footsteps were not at the same time, and some weren’t as heavy. But the really strange thing was they would never seem to cross through the doorway into the large living room.

I had my wife and my stepson (her oldest) over for tacos. I asked her how her day was. Without warning her face went completely white as she dropped her taco on her plate. I asked “what are you doing?” I hadn’t noticed the noise but she put her finger to her mouth shushing me as we all heard someone walking casually down the hallway towards the kitchen and just kept walking behind her. We even followed the footsteps with our heads as the footsteps faded near the kitchen sink walls. My wife stood up and said “common David”. They both stood up and walked quickly to their shoes and left. That would be the first real experience that happened.

That night my boy came home to his mom’s after playing with his friends, then over to my place for the weekend. We wanted to watch a movie because it was the weekend. Once the air mattress was up and my son was cozy, the hallway closet that was close to the large living room, its door handle shook and the door then swung open. He thought is was so cool.

Small things like moving objects, hiding my keys and after actually pleading with the ghosts they would just show up not a foot away from where I’d be standing.

This went on until my son and stepson were playing Playstation in the smaller living room next to the kitchen. Well, out of nowhere the Playstation lifted off the shelf it was sitting on and flew across the living room hitting the back support of the couch. I was worried because my boy was sitting on the chair next to the couch. He could have been hit. Then I thought perhaps the ghost was angry at my stepson because he’s a teenager, and apparently there is a poltergeist / teenager connection. Then my son’s picture flew off the wall and smashed on the other side of the room. My wife was in the living room when it happened. She simply said “strange things are happening in your apartment” This was the night I started sleeping in the large living room, because of the banging on the walls coming from inside my bedroom and the feeling of someone in your face.

In fact I have a picture I took just randomly during the second night of the banging and there is an enormous white bright odd-shaped orb. Like it was a bubble but with a mind of its own. I feel crazy explaining it (I still have the picture).

I finally found the courage to call the Hamilton Paranormal Society. They came days later. For the most part nothing was noticed until the end of the investigation. I was walking around, and my son was sitting on the floor in a circle with the other investigators, and they were all so impressed with this ghost box (AM/FM altered radio that sweeps though channels giving the spirits near it enough energy to actually speak in real-time). One of the investigators told me that a little boy named Kevin said he was 8 yrs old and is not afraid of being there when I was not in the room. Then out of the speaker I hear a little boy say the name Ian. The male investigator knelt down and asked us to put our hands in, and I can tell you the energy was instantly freezing. All of our arms had goosebumps and the hair was standing on end. The main investigator came in and turned the lights on and instantly the whole mood changed, the energy, the voices everything, They said as they left we’ll be in touch.

That is when everything became so crazy. I invited my neighbour Brandon in for a beer, and I gave him a tour of the apartment because of how old it was. We started in the kitchen and walked through. As I was in front, I had reached the opening of the large livingroom doorway when I heard a scream. And the next thing I knew my 27-year-old neighbour was clenching the shirt I had on holding himself as close to me as he could. I never seen anyone so scared. I’m not joking, I swear, he had tears in his eyes, he really did, so scared! I asked him what he was doing, I tried to pull him off me and he just wouldn’t let go. He loosened his grip, looked right into my eyes and said a black mass rushed him then back into my room. He said it was in the shape of a tall man, and he literally ran down my front steps and out the door.

After that it could have been one ghost or more than one walking around. My wife said she saw a black mass one night walk from my bedroom into the small livingroom. Whenever I would have a shower, I would pull the shower curtain closed and I wouldn’t be able to see past this mass that seemed to be blocking any view from behind the shower curtain. I would tear open the curtain and there wouldn’t be anything there, but other times when I would have a shower you could see the toilet, the towels and table.

My wife came up the front stairs as I was sitting on the easy-chair watching a program. Now you can hear anyone open the door and come up those steps it was so old. But this one particular time, she was coming up the steps, and about quarter way up…the front door swings widely open. I looked up from my chair and I hear my wife laugh and say “wow that was cool” and walked in. We slept at her place that night.

A couple of days later I’m checking my email, and its the Hamilton Paranormal Society’s research findings. Sixteen different intelligent responses to questions asked from the investigators. Kevin the eight year old and Ian were I’d say were the most dominant spirits there. There was even a response to my question, which was “do you watch me sleep?” I couldn’t make it out though, The response to “who threw the Playstation” was “Hazard”.

I called a friend of mine who was a part of another paranormal team named Wellington County Paranormal Investigators, they had every tool you could think of just about. The flash lights were coming on after each command. I, myself and three others saw what seemed to be a small little white cloud that was moving very erratically in mid-air near the ceiling bouncing as well, then it just vanished.

Not long after the investigation, I was alone in the apartment doing the dishes. I turned around very quick, and there he was. For the first time ever I was quicker than he and he knew it, because he just looked right at me, right at my face, not with a frown or a smile but with acceptance or hatred. Later I found it was definitely hatred. He was wearing a brown suit like thick tweed cloth and a thick brownish mustache, He then looked into the small living room and walked into it, not vanished or disappeared. He was as vivid as if I was looking at flesh and blood. I walked in the small livingroom, and he was gone. I thought then, what should I expect now that I have seen him.

I almost thought it was going to be peaceful, you know, he showed himself, things were great. But then out of no where these massive fights would break out between my wife and I. We would be screaming and I wouldn’t be allowed to sleep at her place. I had only the option of sleeping in my apartment. My room had been taken over, you know how you feel when you go into someone else’s room and you hope you don’t anger them by touching the wrong thing? Well that is exactly what it felt like.

There would be a day where the whole place would be spotless. I’d come home then crawling with bugs all kinds of them. I mean infested but no warning, just everywhere. I had to call the exterminator not kidding 4 times in less than a year. Not for hundreds but for thousands. The place would become infested without a source, I checked everywhere.

The last straw was when I was out taking a walk, and I remember coming up by the hotel that was diagonally across the street from my place. I had a clear shot of my front door since it was right there, and a teenager girl, who was dressed like the 90’s, was standing on my front step alone. She had a blue plaid long-sleeved shirt with a black shirt underneath, long black hair semi-tight jeans with holes in the knees and what seemed to be black boots. I’m not too sure about the boots but she looked right at me. I thought it was one of my stepson’s friends looking for him so I waved, she just turned her head, opened my front door and walked inside. I began to pick up my pace a bit to see who just walked in my door. I knew she couldn’t go anywhere because the door at the top of my staircase was locked, plus it had been less than 20 seconds since she walked in. I opened the door actually about to say something but the emptiness of the stair well left me speechless. I knew there was no way I could sleep at my wife’s place  I knew I had to willingly sleep in that place,

You know as I’m typing I’m still remembering more and more things, Like when the Wellington County Paranormal Investigators went through, they too had the eight year old boy Kevin come though on their recorders. He stated his name and age but he was scared this time. And also that their team got the best EVP (Electronic voice Phenomenon) they ever received. The question they asked was “Did you die here?” The response clear as day was “I’m not Dead” I found this out during the review. I had not told them about the first investigation speaking with Kevin.

This experience almost killed me. Please don’t ever try to play or even fool around with the paranormal. It is very real. It doesn’t matter if you believe or don’t believe, they will fight if they feel they need to. This is very much a true story.”

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