Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Illinois – Haunted Illinois Database

Location: Midalothian, Illinois, USA
Type: cemetery
Built: n/a

The following report was sent into our website by John on Dec 1, 2013:

“Me and a group of friends took a ride out to the famous Bachelors Grove Cemetery one night. When we got there we where shocked at how many gravestones had been vandalized and how small the place was. So we all started walking around looking at all the headstones. We were there for about a half hour and nothing was happening, so we were going to leave, but three of my friends had to go pee so they went in the woods right next to the cemetery. When they were doing this, me and another guy were just standing there observing the dense forest when all of a sudden we heard a little girl laughing in the woods. Me and my friend both looked at each other realizing what we had just heard and it happened again, but this time it sounded like something hit a log nearby. So we thought maybe it’s an animal hitting stuff back there but again we heard what sounded like a little girl playfully laughing. We wanted to figure this out so we all went back deep in the woods seeing if someone was back there, and there was nothing.

We searched for fifteen minutes trying to find this laughter and there was nothing. I’m still kind of creeped out about it because the laughing was so faint but it seemed so close. It’s one of those things that you have to be there in order to understand how creepy it was.

Bachelor’s Grove is haunted. I went into the cemetery just thinking it was a joke, but after hearing what we heard, something is going on back in that old abandoned place.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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