True Ghost Story: Monkey-like Hands or Paws

Location: North Battleford, SaskatchewanCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Sheri on May 25, 2013:

“In my late teens I saw weird monkey-like hands or paws, or whatever you want to call them scrabbling under the space between the floor and the bottom of the door that lead down to the basement of our family home where both my brother and my bedrooms were.

I lived in North Battleford, Saskatchewan at the time…a province of Canada that is definitely not a tropical area as our winters are long and freezing cold. It is a small, small prairie city without any zoos of any kind. This phenomenon was seen on two occasions; once in 1972 and again in 1974. It was always witnessed by others as well as myself.

I remember both times it occurred late in the summer or early fall, and if I remember correctly, early to mid-evening; never really late at night. The hands of these creatures were small, like a spider monkey’s would be, but somehow they looked different. They had dark brown to black hair or fur with long jointed humanoid fingers ending with long dark humanoid-looking nails. The small arms were visible from just below where the elbow would be…the forearms of the creatures I guess. These arms would reach beneath the space at the bottom of the door and scrabble frantically back and forth on the floor. There appeared to be two of them; two sets of arms and hands, but there may have been three. They moved so fast and furiously it was hard to say but there was definitely more than one.

They made loud scratching, scrabbling type noises as they moved back and forth. It scared the hell out of everyone but when I opened the door, nothing would ever be there. One second there was chaos and the next …nothing. Their movements were very aggressive. The first time I saw them I was with three of my best girlfriends; we were all around 17 years old. The last time I was with my little brother and three cousins. I was 19 then; I was always the one to open the door. It took every ounce of courage I could muster to do so. Everyone would be screaming and freaking out. I’d feel compelled to calm them down even though I too was terrified. Each time the door was whipped open, like I said nothing would be there. It was totally baffling. There was absolutely no evidence of wild animals being in the house. No scat or destruction that would have occurred had they invaded our premises. We had a dog and cat that most certainly would have reacted had wild animals been there.

Both times this occurred the dog was with my parents but my Siamese cat, Jade, was home. For some time he had been refusing to go down stairs to sleep with me as he usually did. At first I’d tell everyone it was just Jade to calm them down, although in my heart of hearts I knew it wasn’t. I was just trying to grab onto something logical to stop the fear, but each time I initially blamed it on Jade he would peek his head into the room as if to indicate it wasn’t him. Everyone would get even more freaked out and I’d feel compelled to calm them down so I’d grab the doorknob and whip it open but like I said, nothing would ever be there!

These creatures I saw…well, partially saw, felt somehow “wrong” and they had an evil presence. I have searched over the years for anyone with a similar story but I have never found anything like it. Thankfully I had witnesses or I think I would have thought I was going mad. An important factor regarding this story I think, is that other weird and paranormal occurrences had been happening at this house during these sightings.”

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