True Ghost Story: The Cry of What Sounded Like a Woman

Location: LavergneTennessee, USA

The following report was sent into our website by William on Jan 5, 2013:

“I bought this house back in 1999 and moved in January 1, 2000. I sold it in March of 2007. But when I was there alone, strange things didn’t begin till around 2003.

I lived alone and one night around 7pm I saw a quick gray or black shadow out of the corner of my eye flash into the kitchen.

Many nights I would hear around the time of 3am to 4:30am the distant faint cry of what sounded like a woman or maybe a cat crying. The sound always came from around the front door of my house. But I could never directly find the source.

Another time I was watching TV when suddenly from the kitchen around the corner of the living room was a very loud bang of one of the cabinet doors supposedly slamming shut.

Judy, my neighbor across the street was dying from lung cancer. While I was out of town, (Truck Driver) her brother Ed took a still picture of Cindy and her former husband Monie in their front yard one night. When I returned, Cindy called me over to their house and they both showed me a very scary picture of something milky, soft and bright white thing in the upper right corner of the picture.

Later, on a Saturday morning, my mother came to visit me from Nashville and found in the bushes in front of my house what looked like a human femur bone. We never called the police. I don’t know why. Also, my back yard had three large soft spots. Kind of like spongy. My house had two bedrooms. I could never sleep in the large bedroom. It made me very uneasy.

Last year, I drove by the house. Someone else is living in it now. As I drove by it, I felt a sudden anger rush over me until I turned the corner. I really hate that house to this day.”

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