True Ghost Story: Dog Pulled His Cage Along With Him

Location: Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Mary on Dec 1, 2012:

“Last year, I was visiting my friend’s house for the night. She had informed me of some activity beforehand, so I convinced her to ask the spirit some questions. Immediately upon walking into her house, I didn’t like the atmosphere of the basement.

The only other person in the house was her mother, who had already been asleep for hours. At this point it was around 2 or 3am. We asked it to show a sign of itself. Nothing happened. I was getting pretty skeptical. I asked, “wake the cat up that is sleeping on the couch beside us” and then the cat woke up. I would have called this a result of coincidence if the next incident didn’t occur. At the same time as the cat was woken up, my friend’s dog in the basement starting panicking and barking. He was so frightened that he was trying to run and pull his cage along with him. We were scared at this point. We run back to her room and after closing her door, she says “Did you move that?” I obviously have no idea what she is talking about. She pointed to a purse on her door that was held down by a heavy embroidered fabric. Apparently the flowers were always facing forwards, but now the back was showing. We decided that we thought all of this up and went to sleep.

The next morning, her mother is infuriated with her for leaving the lights on in the basement. We swore that we shut them off. I remember shutting them off because I was so terrified of the basement that I ran up the stairs as soon as she flicked the switch.

If one of these events had occurred, I would have ignored them but all of these strange happenings occurring at once is interesting.. and frightening.”

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