True Ghost Story: The Nice Man Gave Her To Me

Location: Belleville, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Katie on Aug 15, 2012:

“I have a 7-year-old daughter, Amelia, who just loved to be held when she was little, and still loves to snuggle. She’s so attached to my husband, John, and myself. One night, while my husband was getting a movie, my daughter and I were sitting on the couch, and she was playing with her baby dolls. Suddenly, she looked up as if someone had called her name. Then, she just took off, upstairs, giggling all the way. I guess she just wanted another of her dolls. When she came back down, she did have another doll, but it wasn’t one we’d gotten her. The previous owners had had a daughter and they’d left a couple of her things around the house. We’d tried to contact them, but we didn’t get an answer. When I asked her where she’d gotten it, she said, “The nice man gave her to me.” That freaked me out a little. When John got home about two minutes later, I asked him to go check to see if someone was in the house. When he asked why, I told him that our daughter had been given a doll by what she said was a “nice man” upstairs in her room. I hadn’t let her out of my sight, and after checking the doll (for what, I’m not sure), I let her keep it. She named it Katelyn, which is my full name. John went and looked around, and said the house was empty. Relieved, we sat down and watched the movie.

Amelia never let let that doll out of her sight, and took it with her every where, even to school. She kept her in her backpack. She claimed that she saw “Eric”, as she’d started to call the “nice man”, a lot after that night. After the fifth time she saw him, she started to insist upon being called Amelia. We’d been calling her Amy since her birth, though I loved the name Amelia.

She’s now ten turning 11 in 2 months, and still sees her Eric, and still has her Katelyn. He moves things around in her room, and she claims he tucks her in after she’d gotten back in bed from going to the bathroom. That he sings to her after I’ve left, and reads her stories. She insists that he would never hurt her, or me, but he wasn’t too fond of John.

A few weeks before her tenth birthday, I thought I saw him, too. Just briefly, but long enough for him to say “I love” then he disappeared. I don’t know if he was telling me that he loved me, or if he loved my daughter, or both of us, or this house or whatever. But for some reason, I was fine with him being around my daughter after that. But if he ever hurt her, even in the slightest, we’ll be out of this house so fast he couldn’t even blink. If ghosts blink. My Amelia is fine, and absolutely loves her Eric and her Katelyn. Oh, and she told me Eric had told her to name the doll Katelyn.”

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