True Ghost Story: Ouija Board Haunting

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Connor on July 8, 2012:

“Ok, this story is 100% true. My father and me are both mediums, which means we can talk to the dead. So I requested to explore my new-found power and talk to some dead folks by playing with a Ouija board. It was fun but after this happened my father told me to burn it or else something bad could happen. So that’s what I did. I burned it over the toilet but not all of it was burned. And after that I’ve been seeing a women in faded clothing from that night on. I keep seeing her. And to this day weird stuff happens all the time, like doors opening and SLAMMING shut, my dog flips out. In the middle of the night I feel she’s getting closer to me but I have blessed holy items from the holy lands always on me, so I think I’m safe. I’m still having these experiences on a daily basis. Thanks for reading.”

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