True Ghost Story: Vanished Through The Floor

Location: Oliver, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Chelsea on June 15, 2012:

“When I was 6 years old, my mother got married to her 2nd husband. We moved in with him awhile before, and had everything at his house. I had a toy box with a music playing snow globe in it. And at night it would slowly play, nobody touching it. There was also an attic at this house, and it had a square flat piece of wood that would cover it. A ton of times in the morning it would slide off, for no reason.

One day I was laying on the couch and all of the sudden I felt a very sharp, piercing pain in my side, it stung. My air was knocked out, and I was gasping for air, I couldn’t breathe. I screamed as loud as I could and ran to my mom and family in the kitchen. When I told and showed my mother, she was freaking out. She didn’t know what was going on. When they looked it was a deep, fork-like mark just below my arm pit. It was unexplainable, and nobody understood what was happening. They compared it to a fork, but the mark was too wide. I don’t remember what they did after that but she put a bunch of charms in our room to try and keep the bad spirits away, because she’s very spiritual.

Another encounter was that one night my mom just got home from going to town, and my sister was sick. She was coughing, so my mother went to get her cough medicine, My sister was lying on a mattress on the floor because my mom didn’t want me to get sick also. When she sat up to get ready to take the cough medicine, she saw an apparition of a little girl looking through the books and toys I had in the cupboard on my headboard. The little girl then looked at her, and vanished through the floor. She told me about the encounter the day after.

Soon after all this, we moved back to my hometown. But years later we moved back again. When I was in grade 4, I always saw this gray cat following me everywhere, when I was in the basement, upstairs, walking in the hallway etc. It would always brush passed my legs, the way cats weave through your legs with their backs. I wasn’t very scared because I knew it didn’t pose any threat. A couple nights I would awaken to find a tall dark girl standing at the end of my bed, so I slept with my sister. A couple nights later, I woke up to find a man looking through the textbooks and clothes my sister had on her bed. He looked up and vanished.

I’ve had tons of encounters like this, and always heard creaking in the hallways, and heard foot steps, like somebody was pacing back and forth. There was a grave of one of the family members near the house, and I think it was one of the ghosts I was seeing.

I have 2 sisters and when my oldest sister was young, her and my mom lived in this little green house. She was always playing by herself and saw shadow people. She would leave teddy bears in the corners for them to play with because she thought they wanted to play with her because they were lonely. One day she saw this little man, who came up to her, touched her nose, and vanished into thin air. She then screamed and ran to my mom.

I’m now older and live in a different house because my mother was having problems at the house we lived in before. I have premonitions once in awhile, (dreams that come true), and other times I have really scary dreams. For example, one day I had a dream I was running from this tall dark man with a cloak on with the hood draped over his face. I was in a type of hospital but there were angels at the front desks, and dressed as doctors. They hid me in a bathroom, after he asked around and got mad at them, because they told him they didn’t know. He got aggressive, and soon after I got out he grabbed me by the arm and took me outside, it was dark and rainy, and he pulled out this weird looking stick and pointed it at me.

Just a dream? Once I dreamt that this man was following me and wanted to kill me, and was everywhere I went, knew everywhere I went. I’ve had tons of weird encounters, like these, but I’ve learned to ignore them because bad spirits, try and scare you to get you vulnerable and make you scared of them. When they feel powerful, it gets worse. And that happens when your scared of it. I’ve chosen not to be scared of them, and overpower them.”

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