Wasaga Beach Ghosts: All The Cables Were Unplugged

Location: Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Amanda on June 4, 2012:

“It all started one cold, rainy summer night. I was home alone, sitting on the couch watching my favourite movie, Dear John, when all of the sudden the T.V turns off by itself and I hear a knocking at the window. I look, but only left to see nothing. So, I decided to turn the T.V on and continue watching my movie, but it wouldn’t work. I checked arround the T.V and all the cables were unplugged. I was confused, so I decided to plug the cables back in then turn on the t.v. Once it went on it landed on a television show that I usually watch, The News. I started watching it, when I heard another knock on the window. But again, left to see nothing. So, like any other person, I ignored it and started watching t.v again. It was fine until another 15 minutes or so,when a news report on Wasaga Beach came on. Then I heard a crack from above my t.v, where a painting is hung. The painting had fell just by my t.v., leaving me terrified. I KNEW something was not right. My dog looked at me, but not in my eyes like he usually does. He was concentrated on something behind me. I turn arround to see a bright flash then a man on my back porch. I run to get my phone to dial 911 but as soon as I punch in the numbers my phone dies, but it was at full battery. I try plugging in my phone. I keep my phone charger in a drawer in the kitchen. I pull out my cord but it is broken, but it wasn’t this morning!!!!

At this point I ran outside to my neighbor’s house and told him this story. He asked me to describe the man, so I did. He was average sized, white skin, with a black hoodie and jeans. He had big brown eyes, blood-shot, he looked like he was very drunk and soaking wet. My neighbour pulled out his newspaper and showed me a picture of a man like I had described. “Him?” “YES!” I shouted. I grabbed the paper from him. “This man committed suicide today by jumping off the blue bridge down at beach 1.” Oh my goodness. I was so terrified.

I only saw him once again, but he gave me a friendly smile, though!”

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