True Ghost Story: Trapped in the Chair

Location: Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Daniel on Dec 27, 2011:

“This is not my story it is the story of my best friend that lived in Hemmingford Quebec when he was in is early 20s. His family rented a farm house in the Hemmingford area and not only he told me the things that happened in this house but also his brother and his wife told me the same story. And personal experience of what happened in this place.

They say that there where two entities there: a young kid and a dark figure that was at the other part of the house where the door to get to was locked and never opened. It was too dangerous before they began locking it all the time. Before it was locked all the time, my friend and his younger sister got thrown in their chair to the wall and got trapped in the chair. They could not get up or move from it for a few minutes. After this event they locked the door and nobody was allowed to open the door.

His wife told me that she communicated with the other entity which was a young kid and was asking him to turn on and off the light and things like that. She had response instantly.

His younger brother was in bed and his top sheet was lifted up in the air over him and he was laying there petrified, not knowing what to do.

There is so many things that happened in this house. They lived there for 7 years or so. The house is still there and people are renting it from time to time, but never stay long. The owner doesn’t go in the house when people go to visit for renting. He tells them to go in but he stays outside.

This is a true story. There is a lot more I could tell about this place but too long to tell.”

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