True Ghost Story: Breathing Next To Me

Location: Chilliwack, British ColumbiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Sammie on Sept 19, 2011:

“This one my sisters told me about. When I was born my family lived in an old house near Chilliwack Mountain. The family was in the livingroom, some of the girls were out with friends. So no one was upstairs. They heard someone walking from room to room and then down the stairs. One day when one of my sister’s was home alone she walked out of her bedroom and down the hall. She could hear someone walking behind her, she freaked out and ran downstairs and again heard someone walking from room to room then down the stairs again. Mom and Dad moved before I was a year old. Years later I was told that mom and dad found human bones where they were digging to plant Mom’s garden.

I was about 5, maybe 6, when we moved into a four bedroom house near the highway. I remember very clearly not liking being in the basement alone. I always felt like someone was watching me. I was playing with the ping pong table in the basement when Mom went upstairs. I got very scared and started to run up the stairs, and the door at the top just slammed shut and I could hear breathing next to me. I started to scream and Mom couldn’t open the door right away. I never went back down there. But Mom had gone down to get something from the pantry. While she was in there she felt a hot breath on her neck and thought it was my sister so she turned around to tell her to stop being a brat, and there was no one there. Mom felt something brush against her, that’s when she panicked and ran upstairs slamming the door. We moved shortly after that. We had a couple German Shepherds and a Doberman at the time, and they were sometimes scared to go down there. They would stand at the top by the door and whimper or bark like crazy.”

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