True Ghost Story: Climbing After Us

Location: Tecumseh, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Rose on Sept 14, 2011:

“When I was younger I went to visit my twin cousins that were the same age as me. My mom was babysitting them and we were eating lunch at the table. One of the twins finished eating and we went downstairs into their basement. We were attempting to read a book, when all of a sudden I heard a noise from the left of the sitting room when this figure floated by, but it was moving like it was running. Its feet weren’t on the ground and it was see-through but solid edges. It looked as if there was liquid in it. Like when the light shines on a pool and you get a reflection on the side, that was what was in this figure. By this tme she looked up as well and we both watched as it went inside the laundry room. We were so scared we were frozen, and it looked back around the corner at us almost to see if we saw it. Then it started creeping around the corner and we bolted for the stairs. It followed us, gaining room between us and it, and we were screaming and running as fast as we could. When we got about half-way up we looked back to see it climbing after us. And we got stuck in the doorway because we both were trying to get out at once as this thing was following us, almost directly behind us now. We were screaming and what seemed like forever my Mom and my cousin’s sister came running and asked us what was wrong. As soon as they came up to us we fit out the door and when we looked back the thing was gone.

After that day I was scared of ever going back there, and they were scared to live there. They have moved out of that house since then and live with their parents at a different house. At my house that I live at with my Mom, wierd things happen like banging beside my bed, faucets turning on by themselves, lights flickering, and footsteps in the hall outside my room. My mom claims to not know what I’m talking about, but I think whatever was in that house had followed me back to mine and is still here. Sometimes I can feel something looking at me and things have moved in my room like a bag being thrown at my back when I’m on the computer or scratching above my head on the wall when I sleep. Just writing about this now creeps me out and I’m older now. I can safely say that moment in that basement was the scariest moment of my life.”

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