True Ghost Story: Scratches On Her Neck

Location: Stoney Creek, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Josh on Sept 7, 2011:

“It was my second year of college in Hamilton and I was dating a girl that had a friend living in a basement apartment of a three story house. For months, she had been telling me various stories about strange things happening at the house when she would visit. I thought she was crazy. Eventually she convinced me to come with her one day to see for myself. I did not believe in ghosts or spirits at the time, but my opinion quickly changed after the events that happened that day.

We went down to the basement and sat on a futon made in its couch position with the back up against a fake wood panelled wall. We were looking towards the door of the basement room, and we started to see a light fade in and out again. This repeated several times. I was intrigued but not frightened. We turned the lights on to chat and discuss what we saw.

Next, with the lights off and looking in the same direction from the futon couch nothing happened for some time. Suddenly, a large bang occured next to my head as if something had been “thrown” against the wood panelling behind me. We were the only ones there, and it was clearly no one that had been sitting on the futon that threw it. We quickly turned on the light. I had to crawl under the couch to find what had been thrown. It was actually a dresser drawer knob that had been unscrewed from the dresser and deliberately thrown at us – but what seemed to intentionally miss us in what was like a playful act?

We again shut the lights off. This time, an object was lightly dropped on my GF’s lap while we sat on the futon. With the lights on, it turned out to be a pocket knife that was sitting on the bedside table. Also, several pennies had been lined up along the top wood molding where the ceiling met the wall.

We shut the lights off once more. After some time, we heard a large “BANG” on the ceiling. We turned the light on and found that the TV remote had been taken off the dresser and thrown towards the ceiling with a fair bit of force! After that, we decided to give it a break for the night.

I had left, but my GF decided to spend the night with her friend as she was fairly freaked out by now. After they went to bed, my GF woke up early in the morning with a terrible stomach ache and went to the bathroom to be sick (at both ends). She ended up sleeping on the floor in the bathroom the rest of the night as she did not feel well. When she awoke in the morning, she went back to the bedroom and found all the pictures her friend had kept under the bed strewn across the floor. While they were cleaning up the pictures they found some had small “scratch” marks on them that almost looked like over developed film; however, the doubles were fine. Also, her friend that had stayed in the futon bed all night had some small scratches on her neck that almost looked like a burn.

I never had a chance to go back to this house, but continued to hear stories until she eventually moved out. Very strange, and changed my skeptical few on ghosts forever. I never really tell anybody this story because – who would believe me?”

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