True Ghost Story: Phantom Footsteps

Location: Beauval, SaskatchewanCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Jay on August 9, 2011:

 “I’m 19 now, and this happened a few years ago. All my life I never did believe in ghosts and stuff, like paranormal. This happened in Sandy Bay when I was visiting for the holidays. I was visiting a girl, with her brother and mother. The brother and mother had went for a walk to pick up a few things, and it is a spread out reservation so it was going to be awhile. Me and the girl just chilled out. They had no tv, no heat, so there was pretty much nothing to do, we just sat on the couch talking. Then we were interrupted by a loud footstep from the basement and we were silenced. I admit I was scared cause this was like the first thing that ever happened to me. But as we continued to listen, it came up a flock of stairs of 5, and there was another flock of stairs of 5. It sounded like this noise was wearing steeltoe boots and sounded like a heavy set. But when it came up the second flock, we both got that feeling like we weren’t alone, like you know that feeling when you feel like someones watching, and you just got to look around. Well anyways, we stared towards the top of the stairs. We could feel it, we couldn’t see it. We could hear the footsteps proceed to the bedroom and I remember asking her “please tell me i’m not hearing things, please tell me you hear those too”. She replied “you’re not hearing things, I heard it too. It’s probably my grandpa who had a heart attack in this house 5 years ago and died”. After I was told that I was pretty scared, and those footsteps came out to the kitchen, and they stopped. I said “well I’m gonna go, I’m tripped out. Are you gonna be alright?” She replied “yeah, I’m use to it. I hear it all the time”. I went towards the door and she said “don’t leave”. So I just brought her with me. I’ll never forget that though. I’m always skeptical about these things, but I believed that.”

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