True Ghost Story: Shape of a Grown Man

Location: Manooth, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Madison on Dec 20, 2010:

“I was four years old at the time and we moved into a new house. Everything was fine for a while, until maybe two months there. At night I couldn’t sleep because there was always a creaking sound outside my door in the hallway, like someone was walking up and down the hallway. When I finally couldn’t take it any longer, I went out there to tell my parents to be quiet cause I couldn’t sleep, no one would be out there. That kinda freaked my tiny body out. I ran to my parents’ room so fast that I barely noticed the cold spot in the hallway. But I did notice it. When I told my Mom everything she just took it as a bad dream and told me to go to bed. I was so frightened to walk down that hallway but I did it. There was no cold spot and no creaking but I did feel like there was a presence behind me.

After that it got worse. In the morning when I was doing nothing, my Mom would just yell at me to come there. When I did I saw crayon marks on the walls, some spelling out my name. To this day I swear I didn’t do it. I also noticed that my cat, Pepper, would try to stay away from the house. He would try to run away from it, but I wouldn’t let him. If I had to put up with it, so did he.

A year later, my mom decided to sell the house out of nowhere. I asked her, “Is it because of the ghost?”. She said it was because her job was far away. I didn’t believe her one bit. Well, when it was two days until the move, I had the weirdest dream ever. I had a dream I was going down to the basement with my blanket, which I couldn’t go down at the time, since I was only five years old and my parents wouldn’t let me go down there. For some reason, my cat was down there, looking totally terrified in the corner and hissing at the wall opposite of him. I looked over there and saw that there was a spot flying near the wall that was glowing a strange green colour. Then the spot grew. It grew until the glowing spot was as big as and took on the shape of a grown man. The grown-man-shaped thing was coming towards me. As it did, I heard the creaking I heard out in the hallway when I was four. I freaked out and ran up the stairs, leaving my cat and blanket behind.

The next morning I got my Dad to go down there and check it out. When he opened the door, my cat ran out of the basement, right past us to my bedroom. My dad thought it was strange, since Pepper couldn’t of gotten down there because the door was shut and locked. He didn’t think anything of it. I did. Well, he went down there and looked around for a bit. When he came back up he was holding my blanket. He asked me how that got down there. I told him that I didn’t go down there and I told him about my dream. I guess he thought I was lying.

A little bit ago, my mother told me that we did move out of that house because of the ghost. She said that when she went to check on my sister in her crib, something wouldn’t let her. The door was opened and she could see her clearly. When she tried to go into the room, she couldn’t get past the doorframe. It was as if there was a forcefield at the door. She tried for a long time but something wouldn’t let her through. She said it freaked her right out. Whenever I pass by that house, I usually see a new car and new furniture there. That house has had a lot of new families move in and then move out. I think they noticed the ghost too. Now, I know it sounds like I could be making this up because, well, not many people can remember all of that from when they were four. But if you had that kind of experience at that age, you would make sure you remembered it.”

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