Vancouver Ghosts: I Refuse To Go Back There

Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Lynn on Oct 26, 2010:

 “I moved in with my boyfriend to the basement of his grandmother’s house. My boyfriend had disclosed to me that when he was around seven years old he saw the face of a demon through the window downstairs. After a month I began to cry when I would have to be left alone in the house. It always felt like someone, or something, did not want me in the house. When i would work out by myself in the hallway (the only space for my treadmill) I would hear a man’s voice in my head saying “get out” “just leave” “go away”. I knew it wasn’t my imagination as I had never heard the male voice before. I told my boyfriend about this. His grandfather and uncle are both deceased, and he told me they both agreed that girlfriends or boyfriends were not allowed overnight. It was forbidden. I began talking to the voices when I worked out, saying that I respected the grandmother very much. I thought maybe if it was a disgruntled spirit I must be calming it, or at least calming my imagination.

But a month later new things happened. I would wake up every night at 3am, as if someone was telling me to wake up. I always went back to sleep, but the regularity of it seemed odd. After a couple weeks of that when I’d wake up at 3am I would go and sleep in my 2 year old son’s bed with him. The instant I layed down I began hearing voices in my head (and no I do not have any mental history). I would hear my boyfriend’s mom crying like she were a little girl, I’ld hear the other siblings saying horrible things like “don’t do that” “help me” “no.” I was hearing all of them in my head when they were children. I also began seeing in my head memories that weren’t mine. Like hiding under a bed afraid, or running away. I told all this to my boyfriend, he believed me and told me his family past. Well turns out the siblings were abused I guess in some form, and always were abusing each other. I guess growing up in the home was a fearful thing. I don’t know if an actual spirit was giving me these experiences, or maybe it was just the energy of the house. But since we moved out I refuse to go back there.”

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