Bridgeville Ghosts: He Was Wearing The Rubber Boots

Location: Bridgeville, Nova ScotiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Courtney on January 17, 2010:

“My mother and father bought an old farmhouse when I was about 13 years old. The previous owner was an old man who had been a carpenter and built various woodsheds throughout the property. My mother and father had known that the old man had passed away alone in the house, but they purchased it anyways. Ever since they bought the house there was a strange feeling to it. I believe myself to be sensitive to energy and had always felt as though something was following me in the house. The whole family has always heard strange creeks and pops throughout the house, as well has a strange feeling that someone is running after you while you go up the stairs. The time came when my mother was cleaning out the sheds in the backyard. She came across some old rubber boots in the shed. She picked them up and tossed them in the trash, never thinking another thought about them.

That same night I seen the apparition. I was sleeping in the same room with my little sister sleeping quite sound. I was in the dead of sleep when I woke up suddenly, quite unexplainable. I sat straight up in bed and seen a man at the end of my bed. I thought it was my dad checking up on us before he was going to bed. I shouted “dad, DAD!” as I began to focus on the figure at the end of my bed I seen that there was a man, not my father, looking at me with rubber boots on up to his knees. He just looked at me and then as soon as I blinked my eyes the figure was gone.

I told my mother the next day. She immediately took the boots out of the trash and put them in the shed where she found them, and they are there till this day. That was the last time that I have seen anything. However shortly after that I moved out of the house to my grandmothers as I have never felt comfortable in my mother’s house. They still live there till this day and my mother still feels that there is a presence there.”

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