True Ghost Story: Nana and Poppa Visit

Location: Bolton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by John on October 08, 2009:

“In the early 90’s my grandparents moved into our family’s home to help take care of me while my father was recovering from a heart attack. In ’93 nana passed away from lung cancer and in ’97 poppa passed away from intestinal cancer. While sick, we kept them at home with us, mainly for the purpose of keeping them comfortable. Both passed away in the basement of the house, practically in the exact same spot. Following their deaths we have had a few unexplainable events transpire. One evening my mother, father and I traveled to visit some family up north. Upon arriving home, I headed into the basement (which in ’99 we changed from an apartment where nana and poppa resided into a rec-room) only to find the hot water tap on the sink in the laundry room to be on, full blast mind you. As we were all up north that day there is no way we could have turned it on and forgot about it. My mother and father both insisted neither of them had been down there in a few days. We have also had instances of phones being left off the hook, with nobody around to have lifted them off the cradle. One night I was in the living room at the top of the basement stairs with a high school chum of mine watching a movie when we both heard footsteps slowly climb the basement stairs, proceed through the room we were in, then up more stairs into the kitchen where they stopped. Startled, we grabbed our coats and proceeded outside until my parents returned from dinner. Remembering now, while poppa was sick he wasn’t able to move around fast, so he would slowly make his way from the basement to the kitchen to sit and read the paper and such. Looking back (I haven’t lived in the house for years) I realize these were all just ways of nana or poppa saying hi, and to let us know they are around, watching over us. I just don’t understand why they would want to waste hot water for! :)”

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