True Ghost Story: I’m Talking To The Man

Location: Maidstone, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Brooke on September 2, 2009:

“My grandma and grandpa live in a fairly old house. Before they lived there, two elderly people lived there. The woman died in her 80’s or 90’s. Soon after her husband was gardening and had a heart attack and passed away. A few years ago, when my younger sister was about two, my grandma was babysitting her while my parents worked and I attended school. My sister asked to play in the basement while my grandma made lunch. After my grandma made her lunch, she opened the door to the basement to call my sister up for lunch. My sister was sitting at the end of the stairs talking like she was having a conversation with someone. My grandma asked who she was talking to (assuming my sister was only talking to an “imaginary friend”) but that was not the response my grandma got. My sister said “I am talking to the man”. My grandma was surprised and remembered what had happened in the house before. My sister does not remember that day but my grandma surely does.”

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