True Ghost Story: Grandma Makes A Visit

Location: Essex, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Judith on November 30, 2008:

“l have had many experiences with the supernatural over the years. The one l will tell you about happened to me and my family 30yrs ago.

We emigrated from England,leaving my family was hard. My grandmother was upset because she said my son of 12 months would never know her, this really bothered her. We kept in contact through letters and phone calls. My son was still in night diapers and although he could talk he didn’t yet have a wide vocabulary (18months old). One night he woke my husband and l up at 2am Canada time, 10am English time, to tell us to come to his room that his grandmother was here. He was so happy and excited he pulled us to his room and he was very upset to find that she had left. l asked him what had she said to him and this little boy told me and his Dad that she wanted him to remember her and that he was a bonnie boy. As soon as he repeated this l knew we had been visited. A bonnie boy was an expression of hers and she really wanted to be remembered. l called England and yes my gran had passed over at 10am in England. My son is now in his 30s and remembers his grandma very clearly so she got her wish and l am glad. Another interesting fact was the light in my son’s room was on, he was too small to reach the light and l had turned it off before going to bed. l know there is life after death l can no longer deny it.”

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