True Ghost Story: Ghost Chases Wife From Her House

Location: Tignish, Prince Edward IslandCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Clyde on October 2, 2008:

“My wife and I purchased a house in Tignish PEI that was built in 1918 by a wealthy merchant. The house has passed through two families prior to our purchase of the property. We have started a complete refurburish of the house and recently we have experienced several unexplained occurrances. Doors have slamed shut, and I have felt the presence of something that has on many occasions touched my shoulder. My 36 year old son who was on a visit has been grabbed by the feet while sleeping. We have heard foot steps at night but when investigated there is no sign of anyone. When passing by the main stair case we have experienced a severe cold feeling that passes when you are out of the area. On October 1, 2008 @approximately 23.30 hrs my wife was startled by the sound of marching troops that grew louder forcing her from the second story bedroom and finally out of the house. She is presently residing at the local inn that was formally a convent.”

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