True Ghost Story: The Dishes Rattled On Their Own

Location: Oakville, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Katelynn on May 18, 2008:

“Since I was very young I remember strange things happening in my house. One thing that was a regular occurrence would be objects shaking or moving by themselves. One time I heard a rattling sound in the kitchen and all our dishes in the sink were vigorously shaking. I was very young and didn’t know what to think of it, so I told my mother. My mom, I’m assuming didn’t want to scare me and just told me that’s what would happen whenever airplanes flew overhead. Now that I’m older and still have a very clear memory of this incident, I realize it was most likely the paranormal. In Oakville we don’t even have an airport and I’ve never heard of planes flying that low around here. I still have a few scars on my chest because my cat jumped in my arms scared when the dishes shook. That is the most clear memory from living in that house because it wasn’t just one individual object like usual, it was the entire sink full of dishes and I still remember the sound.

When I was in my teens, we moved into a new house where I am currently living, still located in Oakville. Right down the street from my house is a very small graveyard, the oldest graveyard in Oakville, dating back to the 1800’s. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the presence in my house but it’s a hunch. When we first moved in, the first thing I noticed was the attic door opens by itself. My brother and I used to get into arguements over who was opening the door. Later on there have been cases where it has opened in the night when everyone is sleeping and I have a friend who will not sleep at my house anymore because when we were getting ready to go to bed and I mentioned to her “don’t be surprised if that door is open in the morning” and I explained why. She thought I was joking. Sure enough the door was open in the morning. I have tried to open the door before and it is very heavy and almost impossible to open.

Another thing that has happened was this previous xmas, I was setting up the dinner table awaiting for company. My ex boyfriend was sitting on the couch and he witnessed this. On the center of the table there is a glass basket type thing usually filled with ornaments and decorations. As I was walking past the table, about a meter and a half away, the handle on the glass basket just snapped, sending shards of glass everywhere. I think i jumped about five feet when that happened just because it caught me offguard.

Another thing that has happened a few times is my brother’s stereo turns on by itself. There have been times where we’ve been eating dinner as a family around the table and the stereo turns on by itself, full blast. My brother did an experiment, he has turned the volume all the way down and it still turns on full blast when it goes off by itself. There is also no timer or anything set on the stereo.

My dog also notices things. He will stare at things and follow them with his head but I look and there is nothing there. The one thing that really scared me was when I was sitting in my living room and my dog started growling and backing up towards me. His head was following something, turning to the left. I called my dogs name and he wouldn’t listen or take his eyes off whatever he was looking at. I looked down at him and the hair on his back was standing right up and he was standing in a defensive position with his head angled down, back arched. My dog usually is not one to growl and I had never heard him growl like this. I was watching him and his eyes followed the presence walk up the stairs and then he was okay. This really disturbed me because my dog doesn’t usually growl at the presence, he just simply follows it with his eyes or will sometimes give a small bark. But this time my dog was genuinely scared and intimidated. I also had a friend sleep over and ask me who was running up and down the stairs all night, I just told her we have an old house so it creaks but she was insistent that this was someone walking and at some points running. I didn’t tell her my house has a presence in it because I knew she woudn’t want to sleep over again.”

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