True Ghost Story: Dog Attacked By The Unknown

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on April 10, 2008:

“My boyfriend had found his first apartment, which happened to be a big old house with about 6 bedrooms inside. The house was a disaster, clearly not taken care of, and creepy without having anything happen yet. After lots of cleaning and painting he moved in. There was one night specially that caused me to never ever sleep there again, and for my boyfriend to move out about a month later. One night after we had some friends over and a couple drinks, we went out.. We walked home, once we got home we both went to bed, it was after midnight. He had fallen asleep while I was just dozing off.. as I was dozing off I was struck wide awake with the sounds of what seemed to be someone breaking in the house, the screen door hit the side of the house, the dog he had at the time was barking, growling, yelping.. fighting with who at the time I thought was an intruder. I woke my boyfriend up, crying that someone was breaking in! He sat up, we sat there listening to the commotion frozen in fear, unable to move. The struggling in the kitchen came to a sudden stop. The dog was locked in the kitchen, there were 2 living rooms on the main floor, as we listened closely the sound of nails clicking through the first living room faded into the 2nd living room, becoming completely quiet. My boyfriend finally got up, and opened the bedroom door, to find the dog laying quietly at the base of the bedroom door, all doors still shut and locked, no footprints, no sign of any struggle what so ever. I refused to go there, and he moved out shortly after.”

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