True Ghost Story: Glowing Gnomes

Location: Prince George, British ColumbiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Diane on March 26, 2008:

“Well I have two, but they maybe from both entities? We lived in this huge apartment building called Spanish Villa. It had three floors, and was in the shape of a square with a swimming pool right in the middle. We lived on the main floor, and my best friend on the third floor. Unfortunately, the pool was closed and nobody that I had known had ever swam in there. We snooped around and wondered why it had been closed. We, my friends and I, had found out that a little boy had drowned in the pool, that is why it was closed. Apparently he had dived into the shallow end and banged his head and died.

Anyhow, one day I was sleeping and for some reason I woke up and went to go look out the window, which faced the inside of the pool area. And there was this light that was swirling around. A huge bright light, almost as big as a spotlight. Almost like on that movie ‘Cocoon’. I calmly went back to sleep and remembered this strange occurrence in the morning, but thinking it was odd.

A while later, me and my friends had a seance in her apartment, that was on the third floor. We didn’t really know how to do one, so we just made one out of paper! We were too scared to call on someone who passed away so we decided to call Elvis! I know it’s silly, but we asked “if you are here show us a sign”. We didn’t expect anything but out of the blue we heard three thumps, like someone walking heavily on the ceiling. We knew this was impossible to do because my friend lived on the top floor. Well we stopped because we were all getting scared because my cousin said that one of my friends parents’ ornaments were starting to glow. It was one of those ornaments that you put in your front lawn. I think you call them gnomes. But its eyes really were glowing because I saw it myself.

I have never been back at that apartment and wonder if it’s still even standing. But I have a feeling it was the little boy playing with us, or maybe he was trying to contact us. Maybe it wasn’t even him, but I felt that the spirit that was with us on the third floor was not a good entity but an evil one!!”

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