True Ghost Story: Haunted Trailer

Location: Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Jodi on March 8, 2008:

 “When I was a child me and my family lived in a three bedroom trailer. All of my family members experienced strange things. Examples: (1) at night mine and my brother’s beds would vibrate (2) the tv and vcr would change channels and rewind by themselves (3) my youngest brother said he saw red eyes coming at him through the window (4) one night my parents where having a drink with friends and about 12 of us including my parents saw a beer can move across the table (5) one night I was in my room reading and I heard my father say that he had seen his deceased father sitting in the chair.. Could it have been my grandfather provoking all the occurrences?? The strange thing is my grandmother (his wife) lived just next door and nothing ever happened at her place, but when we moved out of the trailer my grandmother moved in and the unexplained continued. The trailer is no longer on this location, but I sometimes wonder if the ghost is still there on the property….”

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