Brampton Ghosts: ‘The Man In The Black Cape’

Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Sandra on October 17, 2007:

“We moved into our apartment 11 years ago. When our daughter was small, her dolls that sang and played “pat-a-cake”, “ring around the rosey” and some other doll, would ALL start to sing at the same time in the middle of the night. The dolls were kept in our dining room. At first we thought dry air. Or the batteries. These dolls would only “talk/sing” if you held their hands, yet we were all sleeping when they would all three start at the same time. It was around then that I would often see a “man in a black cape” running up or down the hallway or going into the kitchen.

At first I thought that since we had just moved in that I was seeing shadows and had an overactive imagination. I never mentioned the man to anyone…thinking it was nothing. Until one night while watching Hockey Night in Canada on the couch with my husband, I saw the man again…only this time, my husband said, “I just saw a man in a black cape run up the hall.” My jaw dropped, I froze, and I shivered… he saw the same thing that I had been seeing for the past 2 months at the exact same time I saw him again and yet HAD NEVER mentioned to him or anyone. He could not have known what I had witnessed. I have no idea what is going on in the building, but in the past 11 years, have seen the man in the black cape, a white cat, heard noises coming from the litterbox…and there is NO cat in there, our other cats were sleeping.

I myself have been woken up at night, seeing a young girl around the age of 9 or 10 standing in the hallway, always dressed in a nightgown and with blond wavy hair. I have experienced a woman entirely in white in the basement of the building and seen her in our apartment. My husband saw her come from the apartment across the hall and walk into our suite one night when he was coming home from work.

While sitting here at the computer, a cupboard to my left where the kids store toys, opened one afternoon, by itself…both doors at EXACTLY the same time. They had been shut tight all day and then out of the blue, they both opened. Toys have disappeared. Then reappeared only in a different part of the house. A small plastic container we put under the air conditioner on the windowsill to collect condensation literally flew from underneath the air conditioner to half way into the living room by itself. Hand weights have come off the stand (we are talking 5 – 10 pound weights) by themselves, landing upright on their ends.

I have experienced the little girl playing tag with me, tapping me on the shoulder and when she does, I experience a chill that is so cold, it sends shivers like you wouldn’t believe. And the cold is not an all over cold, just that particular spot. She appears from time to time, like she is looking for her mother or a mother to take care of her and somehow has come to me. I am the only one to see her, however we wonder if it is her that takes and hides toys. The lid to a storage container has risen above the actual container itself and then slowly lowered itself back onto the container. I have smelled cigarette smoke in the apartment, but in bedrooms where and when there is nobody else in the apartment except for myself and the cats. And I don’t smoke.

I have heard knocking at the front door, definite knocking that has even made the cats sit up, yet nobody is there. The television has gone on by itself. It has also shut off by itself. Things in the apartment move, then they return to where they had once been. Things like “knicknacks” on the shelves, toys, a lighter. We have smelled perfume or aftershave/cologne in the apartment when nobody is wearing anything and it is a scent neither myself nor my daughter own. While in the bathroom in the middle of the night, the door opened by itself and a small towel that was hanging on the door started to move, like a breeze was blowing it, yet there was nobody or nothing there. That same night, just a minute or 2 before, the phone rang and there was nobody there, only a “beeping” sound, much like if someone was sending you a fax. It was then that I had to go to the washroom after being woken up and the door was only a little closed but fully opened on it’s own, like the phonecall and the door opening were a “sign” that someone was there.”

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