True Ghost Story: A Moving Haze

Location: Gloucester, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Kim on May 31, 2007:

“Well sadly enough I lost my best friend, that would be my Mom, to cancer in June 2005. A year later I had this friend over to my new house and she was a card reader. After she read my cards I left to go get something to eat. When I got back she was freaked out, she said she saw a haze going from my fireplace (that was not lit) to my patio door. I figured wow this woman is right into this stuff.

A few days later I was home alone watching tv, well to my surprise there was the haze. It started out from the fireplace, then stopped right in front of my eyes. I then figured it was a glaze from the tv so I shut it off. NOPE there was the haze. Then it proceeded to go out the patio door.

To this day I have waited for it to come back as I feel it was a sign from my Mom. I am praying it was.”

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