True Ghost Story: A Figure of White Gliding Down the Stairs

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Chris on March 13, 2007:

 “Over the years my home has been haunted by what I presume to be various spirits.

I was about four years old when I first encountered something strange. My mother was in the kitchen and someone put their hand on her shoulder and whispered something in her ear. She asked us who did it … but we weren’t near the kitchen and I noticed fear in her face.

Over the years stranger things happened, but at such a random rate that they didn’t pose much of an issue.

Smells of smoke would occur for no reason, a hairdryer flew off a counter. Harsh banging on doors, electronics turning off/on on their own. A toy doll talking all night with a different voice then it should’ve had. Ashes appearing one morning – covering everything in a bedroom as if it had snowed. A figure of white gliding down the stairs once appeared in a random birthday picture.

More things have happened than what I have stated above. A child fearing the “dark man” as she points to nothing and etc.

We still live in the house only because months will pass with no occurrences … and then out of the blue something strange will happen, and again normality takes over.”

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