True Ghost Story: Guardian Angels

Location: Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Anthony on June 8, 2006:

“Well I have had a number of cases of different people watching me during the course of my evenings. I have felt spirits for the last four years (starting when I was 14).

In my house it always felt like I was being watched. No matter where I went. Especially at night in the evenings between 12am – 5am. I invented my girlfriend over for the night and she told me that she felt that someone was in the room with us – but no one was there. I was a little freaked at that point. So I asked her what she meant. And she told me my grandfather was in the corner. So I got out my camera because I thought she was bluffing. So I took a picture of the corner and sure enough I got a picture of an orb in a chair. I zoomed in on the orb, and what did I see my grandfathers face. She has also told me about my grandmother and two of my cats. I never believed in ghosts – until that moment!

Now I’m scared but hooked.

I miss them very much. And very glad they choose to be me and my mom’s guardian Angel when we need them… May they Rest in Peace.”

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