True Ghost Story: Dead Horses

Location: SaskatchewanCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Melissa on Apr 30, 2006:

“My grandpa told me this story that happened to him. Him and some other people who worked on farms. They would bring a herd of horses to different farms and during the night they would all sleep in a small barn on the floor. When they would get up in the morning the mane would be braided and that one horse would be dead. It was going on every day that they had to work, so one night my grandpa heard a noise, he didn’t know what it was so he went to see what it was. He walked down the hall and seen a little guy on the horse riding it up and down the hall. The little guy on the horse looked like he was red with horns. He thought he was dreaming so he went back to bed. The next day that horse’s mane was in a braid and it was dead.”

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