Old Whitby Psychiatric Hospital – Haunted Whitby Database

Location: Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Type: psychiatric hospital. One portion is in use, the other is no longer in use.
Built: ?

The following report was sent into our website on Jan 6, 2005 regarding the buildings that are no longer in use:

“A few of my friends and I went there in the summer of 2004, we were curious about it. We went into the building called the Children’s Ward. We had to crawl in through a basement window. The second we got in I got a terrible vibe from the place. I mean it was really, really creepy.

Anyway I noticed that throughout the building there was an area where it was cold or there was a breeze. At one point I swore I heard children laughing. Only me and my friend Sam heard it, Sarah and Tiff didn’t hear anything. I really wanted to leave after that, but they insisted we keep looking around.

We went into one room and there was whispering and foot steps. We all heard it this time, it was quite terrifying. We all made haste and left after that. On our way out I kept on hearing footsteps following us, and not just one set, like a lot of them.

Anyway it’s 100% haunted by my books, and by lots of other people I know who have gone.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to visit this location!


The following report was sent into our website by Dan on Oct 21, 2006 regarding the building that is in use:

“I was a guard at Whitby Psychiatric Hospital in 1988 to 1989. One night I got a call that a doctor’s dog was going crazy when the elevator went by in Building 30. Her office was located on the second floor. I went in, saw that the elevator was on the 3rd floor, called it and went to the 2nd floor. The doctor explained that her dog normally ignores the elevator (it had a habit of starting up on its own and travelling the floors) but that night was an exception.

After I asked to borrow the dog, we went up to the 3rd floor. I was about half way around the floor when the dog stopped at a door. The dog started sniffing and I said “What do you hear Max?” The dog looked at me and turning back at the door started pawing it. I got my keys, put the key in the lock and all I had to do was turn the key and the door was open.

I felt a sudden wave of terror go through me and my hand would not obey the signal from my brain to open the door. I pulled the key out and tugging on the dog’s leash said “Let’s go Max!” I had to get out of there really fast! The dog wouldn’t leave that door and I had to drag him away with all my strength. (Max was a medium sized dog). After the dog was about ten feet from the door, he finally came with me.

I headed back to the doctor’s office, handed the dog over, said “Found nothing, gotta go now!” and headed out of that building as quickly as I could. I started feeling like a coward and returned. The doctor had left for the night although she appeared to be ready to work through the night and I left.

The next day, I retraced my steps and found the drag marks on the floor. I opened the door, looked inside and found only undisturbed dust.

I heard later that years previously, a patient had murdered a nurse on the third floor and then committed suicide. He has been known to scream at the guards telling them to get out of his building.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to visit this location!

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