True Ghost Story: Grandma Says Goodbye

Location: Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“My Grandmother and Grandfather had built a new house on their farm land. In the meantime CaneGrandma (I called her this) passed away. Granddad then put their marriage bed and all their love notes and pictures in a downstairs bedroom. Granddad later then, decided to put the house and farm up for sale and move in to a retirement home. At this time I was about 16, I am now 35. (shhhhhh) While going through all their personal stuff, as Granddad had said “I am taking what I need to the R. Home, go through what you want then put the rest up for auction”.

In the room where all the stuff was that they had put, everyone (the family) said that they were “feeling weird”. I felt what seemed to me, gentle caresses, almost like a light breeze. At the end of the day, my mother told me to go down stairs for one last time to shut all the lights off, and make sure things like the fridge and everything was off and unplugged. I did so, and I walked past “the bedroom” and then had this feeling that I had to go into the bedroom, I turned and started walking. As I got to the door the light turned itself off, and the door shut by itself. Everyone told me that it was the wind that shut the door, but I know that it was not, as the door had warped from humidity and was hard to open and shut. I feel that what happened was my CaneGrandma’s way of saying good-bye, as a final closure.”

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