Canadian paranormal investigator Michelle McKay

Canadian paranormal investigator Michelle McKay

Currently living in Collingwood, Ontario (near Toronto), Michelle McKay is seen by many as Canada’s go-to paranormal girl. She was the first female paranormal investigator to host a national television show in Canada, and the first female Canadian paranormal investigator to host a television series aired in the USA.

Michelle specializes in reportedly haunted historical sites and has been conducting paranormal investigations for more than 30 years.

“Michelle McKay is one of Canada’s most-recognized paranormal investigators”
(Metro News Ottawa)

“She is the top paranormal investigator in Canada”
(107.9 FM Ottawa)


Reports of paranormal activity are not new to her family. Michelle is related to Esther Cox of the Great Amherst Mystery, a famous case of reported poltergeist activity that plagued Esther in Nova Scotia during 1878 and 1879. It made international news headlines and has been written about in books and parapsychology papers. Many claimed to have witnessed the activity, including doctors and lawyers. At one point, the poltergeist reportedly wrote, “Esther Cox, you are mine to kill!” on a wall inside the house. Harry Price (the first ‘celebrity’ ghost hunter) also wrote about the case and it was compared to the Borley Rectory poltergeist in England. Esther’s 2nd great-grandfather was Michelle’s 6th great-grandfather. A movie about Esther is currently in the works.

Michelle also has an interest in UFO research. Her great-uncle (no relation to Esther Cox) was pioneer UFOlogist, Henry McKay (1927-2007). His UFO case files were passed down to Michelle. Henry specialized in investigating physical traces of UFOs — when a UFO reportedly landed he rushed to the scene. He was the very first Director of MUFON Canada, was an electrician in the Air Force, and his UFO work has been written about in many books. Some of his files can be seen at The Black Vault. For more info on Henry click here.

Henry McKay ufo Canada

Pioneer UFOlogist Henry McKay, Michelle’s great-uncle


Michelle was also a TV host and lead investigator on a television series about ghosts which aired in over 32 countries on Destination America (USA), Discovery I.D. (Canada), A&E Latin America (Bio), and also aired in Denmark, Belgium, Amsterdam, and the Netherlands.

“Paranormal investigator names Manitoba’s top spots”
(CBC News)

Canadian paranormal investigator Michelle McKay


“Back in the day, when I would tell people I was a paranormal investigator, they would say ‘a para what?’ I would have to explain what a paranormal investigator was. But nowadays, everybody knows what a paranormal investigator is.” – Michelle McKay


In 2002, she founded Cold Spot Paranormal Research™, one of Canada’s oldest ghost investigation organizations which investigates ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and demons. Her interest in ghosts started when she was a child growing up in a haunted house with a poltergeist:

“At 10yrs old I spent most of my days in the library basement reading books about the paranormal, trying to figure out what was going on in my house. Eventually, my friends started inviting me to investigate their houses. So, off I went to investigate, as best as I could for a 10-year-old, and it hasn’t stopped to this day, I’m still here doing this.” – Michelle McKay


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Michelle Has Appeared On:

Destination America (USA, TV)
Discovery I.D. (Canada, TV)
CTV (Canada, TV)
A&E Bio (Latin America, TV)
TV3 Puls (Denmark, TV)
vijf TV (Belgium, and the Netherlands, TV)
Netflix (USA, TV Series)
Hulu (USA, TV Series)
Kerrang! Radio (England, UK)
New York Observer
World Screen
Dread Central (USA)
Bobcat Magazine (Texas, USA)
The Toronto Star
The Toronto Sun
The Ottawa Sun
Halloween Alley
The Reef 1620 AM (Virgin Islands)
106.7 FM (New Hampshire, USA)
89.7 FM (Oregon, USA)
KCHR 1350 Radio (Missouri, USA)
WZNG 1400 Talk Radio (Tennessee, USA)
TALKSTAR Radio 840 AM (Florida, USA)
WELW 1330 AM Radio (Ohio, USA)
1340 KSEK Sports Radio (Kansas, USA)
WDRF 1510 Radio (South Carolina, USA)
CJCH AM 920 Radio (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
630 AM CKOV Radio (Kelowna, British Columbia)
580 CFRA News Talk Radio (Ottawa)
Collingwood Enterprise-Bulletin
The Collingwood Connection
Sideroads Magazine
Inside Toronto
The Sudbury Star
The London Free Press
Metro News Ottawa
Ottawa 24 Hours
Tillsonburg News
Midnorth Monitor
Real Estate Magazine
Meaford Express
Thornbury Paper
St. Albert Gazette (Alberta)
Big Daddy Radio 103.9FM (Sudbury)
CBC Sudbury Radio
CBC Winnipeg
107.9 FM Ottawa
103.1 FM (Moncton, New Brunswick)
CBC Radio
570News Radio Kitchener
The Langara Voice (British Columbia)
The Midland Free Press
Owen Sound Sun Times
The Northern Times
Hamilton Spectator
OM Times Magazine
The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
and others…


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