Cannock Ghosts: Haunted By Local Murdered Girls

Location: CannockStaffs, England, UK

The following report was sent into our website by Jess on Sept 8, 2013:

“It started when I was just 13, after being assaulted both physically and sexually by people I once trusted. I began to hear whispers, crying, screaming etc and would see ghostly figures. People thought I had a trauma induced psychosis, but I think I have a better explanation. I have always felt, since the assaults, that someone or something has been watching over me. I can always feel some sort of presence standing over me no matter what I’m doing. Even as I type this I can sense that there is someone standing by my side.

Recently, I have started to hear people choking and gasping for breath. I also can often see translucent, shadow-like figures whenever I’m alone in the dark, or walking through forests.

I have been intrigued by ghosts and paranormal beings for quite a long time, so I did some research. I found out that in the town I live in, in the 1960s, four young girls were murdered. Their bodies were found naked in Cannock Chase (a large, infamous forest near my home). It turns out that one of them was strangled to death, and it is assumed that all of them were raped before their death. All of the murders took place at around the same time within just a few miles radius of each other, all in Cannock Chase. I thought that this would explain the choking I heard, along with the crying and screaming. Also, all this started happening after I was sexually assaulted and attacked by my peers.

I’m not sure if this is related, but I feel like these girls are trying to communicate with me because they went through similar things as I did.

I have also discovered that if I wear a cross pendant or ring, I do not feel the presence or hear the whispers and screams like I usually do. Could I be correct in thinking that these girls want to talk to me?”

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