Edinburgh Ghosts: Old Lady Standing Behind Me

ghosts haunted paranormal Edinburgh Scotland

Location: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Ghost report by Steve on March 3, 2015:

“It was 2003 around November, so it was the height of winter. I was working as a breakfast chef in a retirement home. My day would start at 7 am and breakfasts usually started at 8 giving me an hour to prepare and fire up the ovens (which was a blessing in winter).

Once I had everything up and running I made myself a bite to eat. At the back of the kitchen there was a series of large windows which was great in summer as you could see for miles into the beautiful Scottish countryside. But in Winter it was pitch black and all you could see was the artificial light reflecting back the entire room.

I was at the bench finishing up my breakfast when I looked up out the window and in the reflection I could see an old lady standing behind me. She was short and slightly hunched. At first I thought it was a resident that seen the light on and wondered in curious. It wasn’t unusual for that to happen, we just shoo them out and tell a nurse. So as I turned around to engage her, no one was there. It took a minute to register, fully expecting to see someone then nothing. I started looking under tables and in storage rooms, eventually leaving the kitchen to see if she was around, finding a nurse I asked her if any of the residents were up she told me no.

I still to this day remember what she looked like and in no doubt that a resident could have left the kitchen that quick.

It didn’t end there though. Any time I was alone in the kitchen I could hear feet shuffling and sighing, but I never felt scared or uncomfortable so just coexisted.

At the time I was a little disillusioned with the paranormal world. The groups I was with were more a gossip circle, fabricating evidence and half-assing public gatherings. I think it was something giving me affirmation, letting me know there is something out there.”

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Stirling Graveyard – Haunted Stirling Database

ghosts haunted paranormal Stirling Scotland cemetery graveyard

Location: Stirling, Scotland, UK
Type: graveyard
Built: n/a

Ghost report by David on March 31, 2015:

“I’ve never spoken of it, but about 6 years ago I entered a graveyard near Cambusbarron Stirling. I was trying to get an EVP, trying out my new ghost hunting equipment. There was a man standing at a grave stone, he looked at me and smiled. I thought to myself he must think I’m talking to myself as I never noticed him when I was doing the EVP. He walked along the path towards me, he was coming from my left. So feeling rather embarrassed I just started at the grave stone. I felt him right behind me so I turned around with a smile on my face. To my disbelief he was gone, as if he was never there.

Spirits are real. I’m not trying to convince anyone. I know what I saw and that’s all that matters!!”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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Durham Ghosts: Visited By Deceased Relatives


Location: Durham city, Durham county, England, UK

The following report was sent into our website by Connor on May 3, 2014:

“Ever since I was a young child I have always had connections to the paranormal. All experiences came with a variety of feelings, whether they be negative or positive. I’ve always been open minded and I never easily jump to the conclusion that paranormal activity occurred without fully investigating the circumstances at the time. So lets start with the beginning, my first known ‘paranormal encounter’.

When I was younger (the age 2-3) I was looked after by my Grandmother during the week days since my mother worked the 8am-half 4pm shift. During our various ventures out we would always make sure that we concluded our outings with a visit to my great-grandma Mary’s bungalow. Since I was only young I have very few vivid memories of me being there. Just about the only thing I remember was the fact that we always brought a fish pie from the corner shop on our way there since it was my Great-Grandma’s favourite.

However recently I was told that on a few occasions I would stand talking to an elderly woman in the hallway to the kitchen. My grandma would often ask me who I was talking to and I would simply say ‘the old lady’, I would point to the kitchen but there was no one there… and to make things worse I appeared to be scared of her (as a child my age would be). My grandma asked me to describe the woman standing in the hall way and the description I gave remarkably described the appearance of my great-aunt Dot, who had died just after I was born — meaning I only ever saw her once.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking, he was only a small boy and he was probably just making it up. But since I can’t remember these events, nor was I aware that ghosts existed at the time, I can neither confirm or deny that there was anything there.

The next most appropriate story to tell was the strange events leading up to the death of my Great-Grandma Mary. Since the events of the last story my great-grandma had fallen very mentally ill with a case of dementia, so we resorted to putting her into a nursing home where we felt she could be provided with the needs she needed to live a ‘normal’ life.

One night I was staying at my Grandma’s old cottage when I was suddenly woken by a presence in the middle of the night. The atmosphere was dense and I felt a strong sense of fear. Then I saw it, a dark silhouette of a man. The only way I can describe it was that it was a solid black object, shadow looking but 3D, yet he had no facial features. In this room we had a spare single bed. The shadow figure walked over to the bed and bent over and started making the actions as if he was tucking in a child. He then walked over to the window, and then looked at me and vanished. This was possibly the worst paranormal experience I’ve had since it left me terrified of being alone in the dark, something that didn’t bother me at all before. This repeated several times until the night of the 29th of January, when my Great-Grandma sadly passed. I’ve always found it to be a strange coincidence that she died the night before my cousin’s birthday and two nights before my mother’s.

The next story is slightly more humorous. Again in my grandma’s cottage I was lying in bed when suddenly the farting machine went off. This machine was a small speaker device that came with a remote which when a button was pressed, a farting noise would be made for a practical joke. We bought it as a joke for my Grandad’s birthday the previous year. Suddenly, this device which started going off down stairs inside the cabinet repeatable, so we all found it amusing. My grandad went and turned the device off by the switch and went back to bed. Then around 5 minutes later, the device started going off again, not only was the button not being pressed but the device was off. So my granddad, now feeling slightly frustrated, went down stairs and removed the batteries from the device. This is where it started to get really odd; the device was still working and was going off repeatedly for the next half hour before stopping for the rest of the night.

The next morning we tested to see if the device worked, and to our disbelief, after we inserted the batteries it did!

More recently me and my brother were down my dad’s army camp in Catterick garrison. He’s currently living in a small flat within the barracks with the other sergeants, some of which I have befriended over the years. Any way this one night me and my brother decided to go snooping around to the restricted areas of the property, since a door had been left open to the sergeants mess (canteen) which we hadn’t been to before. So we decided to film it as we thought it might be haunted given its age. So we entered the sergeants mess and slowly approached the kitchen door, however to our shock and amazement, two loud knocks on the door were heard. Obviously me and my brother both looked at each other in amazement, wondering weather it was the either of us. So I quickly entered the kitchen behind the door and there was no one there! The place was absolutely empty and even though it was a windy night there was no draft. Also I tried to recreate the sound without knocking on the door and it couldn’t be done. I actually have video evidence to support this.

Finally to conclude my story I just wanted to mention some of the strange things that happened after the recent events of the death of my step-grandad Joe, who I loved dearly. I was at my Grandma’s again when I got the call to say he’d died, I was understandably shocked, and went into the bathroom for half an hour before asking to be taken home for some time to myself since my mother was at work. Once I got home I cried and cried, I felt so empty inside and I started talking to myself telling him that I loved him and that I wished that I had been given the chance to say goodbye. For some reason I knew he was listening which was why I was saying all these personal things. However when I was crying in the bathroom, I was sitting at the far end of the bath near the door, and the light house ornament rocked (this was on the opposite side and corner of the bath and there was no way I could have knocked it since I was stationary). The only way I can explain this event was that it was his way of him letting me know he was okay. Then the day before my birthday, a few months later, I was over my step mother’s watching TV when suddenly I got a scent which instantly reminded me of him, for no apparent reason at all, no one walked past and there was no one around, I think this was him saying ‘happy birthday kidda’ like he would have done if he was with me now.

Throughout my short life I have been given the privilege to believe that there is life after death and also that the story goes on forever. Just because science doesn’t explain it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It simply means that there are forces out there that we cannot be aware of until we are faced with the time ourselves. If you have read this article the whole way through thanks for taking the time to look into my personal experiences. There are others but these are the ones that I feel are the most personal to me.”

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Cannock Ghosts: Haunted By Local Murdered Girls

Location: CannockStaffs, England, UK

The following report was sent into our website by Jess on Sept 8, 2013:

“It started when I was just 13, after being assaulted both physically and sexually by people I once trusted. I began to hear whispers, crying, screaming etc and would see ghostly figures. People thought I had a trauma induced psychosis, but I think I have a better explanation. I have always felt, since the assaults, that someone or something has been watching over me. I can always feel some sort of presence standing over me no matter what I’m doing. Even as I type this I can sense that there is someone standing by my side.

Recently, I have started to hear people choking and gasping for breath. I also can often see translucent, shadow-like figures whenever I’m alone in the dark, or walking through forests.

I have been intrigued by ghosts and paranormal beings for quite a long time, so I did some research. I found out that in the town I live in, in the 1960s, four young girls were murdered. Their bodies were found naked in Cannock Chase (a large, infamous forest near my home). It turns out that one of them was strangled to death, and it is assumed that all of them were raped before their death. All of the murders took place at around the same time within just a few miles radius of each other, all in Cannock Chase. I thought that this would explain the choking I heard, along with the crying and screaming. Also, all this started happening after I was sexually assaulted and attacked by my peers.

I’m not sure if this is related, but I feel like these girls are trying to communicate with me because they went through similar things as I did.

I have also discovered that if I wear a cross pendant or ring, I do not feel the presence or hear the whispers and screams like I usually do. Could I be correct in thinking that these girls want to talk to me?”

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Fife Ghosts: The Dark Thing In Front Of Me

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*The story below has also been featured in the above video*


Location: Fife, Scotland, UK

The following report was sent into our website by Kerry on Oct 6, 2012:

“It all began in Scotland, Fife, 2010 when I had moved into my first house. Everything looked and seemed normal. Until the night I had got settled in on my own, there was the smell of burning. I had a look around to see what could cause the smell, I couldn’t see anything. I never thought of anything else till I had got up to check on my kids, the smell had came back but stronger. As I got to the hall way I was able to follow where the smell was coming from. Before I got any further up my hall my son started to scream his lungs out. I ran to his room, he was standing up in his cot and looking at his cupboard. I had left the light on, he was crying and pointing to the doors. I was asking him what was wrong. He was still standing and sobbing his heart out, struggling to say there is something in there. The burning smell was in my son’s room. I had asked it to leave his room kindly. As I was saying that the smell was so close to my face I struggled to breathe. I had to ask it again to follow me to check on my daughter. As I was walking back out the room the smell had gone, but my lounge door had swung shut. I checked on my daughter. She was sound asleep. I went back to the lounge. I saw a dark mist sitting in my seat and my cusions had the imprint of someone sitting there. I asked if I could sit next to it. As I turned to close the door, the dark mist had gone.

The next morning my family had came up to see my house. As we were looking around and talking about stuff my mum and gran were shouting on me. I wondered why, I was only in the lounge. My lounge door had swung shut! My gran was knocking on the bathroom door asking if I was in there. I went in my hall where my mum and gran were. I asked what they were doing. They asked where I had came from as my bathroom door got shut locked by itself. I told them I was in the lounge and the door was already shut. But it wasn’t I thought it was already closed. I tried to open the door, it was locked and nobody was in the bathroom.

Later that day I was thinking and trying to see how the door had done that on its own. I could not find out. I had left it and went to my bed. That was all that happened on the first night also the next day.. The Dark Thing In front Of Me..

The second time I was on my own, no kids, just me, I had came home after being out with a couple of friends. I hoped for the burning smell to come back. I had nipped to the bathroom. As I was ready to come out I heard my front door knock. I looked at my phone to see what the time, it was just leaving 12:30. I wondered who could have came to my door? I opened my door, no one was there. I closed the door and got half way through my lounge and my door was knocked again. I stood still, nothing happened. I went to my room that has my daughter’s cot in with me. I looked in her bed to see if anything was forgotten. As I looked in, the dark mist was in my daughter’s cot. I asked it why it was in the cot. The dark mist started to move towards my daughter’s toys and playing with them. I sat on my bed and asked a few questions. The first thing I wanted to know was why it’s around my children’s beds and room. I heard a faint crying sound then the burning smell had came back and in my face again. I looked back in the cot, the mist had gone. I stood up and and what was in my face to move back a bit. The smell disappeared. The lounge door slammed shut. I went through to see what was going on. As I just got in my lounge the door slammed shut behind me and felt the door skift my back. I turned around and saw a dark figure pass the door infront of me. I opened the door to see it was gone. I stepped back. Then it came back. I was getting angry with it slamming my doors. I asked it to stop slamming my doors. Silence had broke out. I knew it was up to something. I stepped back, the banging stated again. I was very angry and shouting fom the lounge to stop the fucking banging. It didn’t stop. Aactually it had come to my lounge door and stood still like it was standing looking at me. First question I asked with rage running through every word “Do you like playing games?” It stood still. I asked the second question “Do you find it funny scaring us me my children???” The dark mist was moving back and forth like it was saying yes. The last question I asked and demanded it to do was “Can you stop scaring my children? Just try and scare me. In fact you will leave my kids alone and you will scare me!!” As I was going to tell it to leave us alone, my lounge door swung open and battered off the wall. I grabbed the door to slam it shut. I couldn’t! The dark thing was stopping me. I yelled at the top of my voice LET GO OFF MY DOOR AND LEAVE US ALONE NOW!! I had repeated that two or three times. It had gone and left us alone, but it didn’t leave the house.

I still saw the dark mist at my lounge door and the burning smell was still lingering about the house. I had to move house. I was still always thinking it will scare my children. As I was leaving the house it was empty, like an empty shell. I asked if there was any last request from the dark mist. The smell of burning came and so did the mist. The last thing I saw was a tall slim creepy dark mist. I told it I was leaving and said goodbye and waved. The dark misty thing growled and flew forward to me. I slammed the door and looked in the window. It was standing and staring down at me as I locked the door. I laughed and looked straight at it and said out-loud “looks like I got the last laugh at your sick game”. I walked away and never seen or went back to the house.”

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