Lac Seul Ghosts: Pelican Falls High School

Lac Seul Sioux Lookout ghosts

Location: Sioux Lookout (Lac Seul First Nation), Ontario, Canada
Type: house on school site
Built: n/a

Ghost report from Anonymous on July 23, 2016:

“So I go to school at Pelican Falls High School. It used to be a old Aboriginal residential school. So many people/kids have died in the area. We live on site so there is quite a bit of us in a single big house.

Usually when I’m upstairs alone I’d hear people in other rooms or the closet down the hall way, but no one would be upstairs.

There was this time I slept in room 4. There would be this little girl age 4-6 who would walk in almost every night and lay down in the middle of the room and disappear.

And when I moved to room 2 the same little girl would come in, but she wouldn’t be as nice and friendly as she used to be.

On multiple occasions I would wake up with scratches on my legs or arms. Once in a while I would have bruises on my wrists.

Other times you would be able to hear a man yelling in the hallway in the middle of the night. The male gender wouldn’t be allowed upstairs and our doors would be locked at 11pm, so no way they would get in at 2 am in the morning. And it would be scary, usually would have to listen to music and drain out the sounds.

We would be lucky if we could go a while without hearing or seeing anything. May I add this is about 30 minutes away from Sioux Lookout, Ontario, in the Lac Seul traditional territory.”

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Edmonton Ghosts: Face in the Mirror

ghosts haunted paranormal Edmonton Alberta Canada


Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ghost report from Rhiannon on December 3, 2015:

“One night during the summer I was on FaceTime with a friend and she saw something in my mirror. I couldn’t see it so she took a screenshot and sent it to me. When you look at it closely you can see a face, shaped as a skull. The photo creeped me out so I washed my mirror and all my windows.

When I woke up the next morning there were small hand prints on my mirror. I thought that maybe it was just my siblings messing with me, so I just ignored it.

The next few days after that I kept getting woken up at exactly 3am in the morning by weird noises in my bathroom. So I would get up and open the bathroom door and there was nothing, no one in there. After that I started covering the mirror on the bathroom door with a blanket and nothing happened for a while.

A few weeks later I figured that whatever was in my room was gone, so I stopped covering the mirror.

That night I was woken by the noise of my dog barking at something in the corner, but I didn’t see anything. A little bit later I woke up because I felt like I couldn’t breathe. When I looked up there was a black shadow figure standing at the end of my bed. I blinked and it was gone.

I never saw it again, it disappeared and was gone out of my life for good.”

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Beverly Hills Ghosts: Woman In White

Beverly Hills California Los Angeles ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA

Ghost report on October 23, 2015:

“Me and my cousin moved into a large house in Beverly Hills after we got a job there. When we first moved there, I felt like a presence was there watching us, but I avoided it. And things were a little messed up, like small things starting to disappear all by itself and things not found where we kept them. It was only one month after we moved in when things started getting worse.

One day I was just watching the TV while my cousin was sleeping upstairs in her room. After 6-7 minutes my cousin came down and asked if I was knocking on her bedroom door, and I replied no. She again went to sleep and shortly after that she screamed from her room. I immediately went up and asked her what was going on. She said she again heard knocking on the door and when she opened it she saw no one, but out of the corner of her eye she saw a white figure running in the kitchen. She thought it was her imagination, but decided to check there and saw the same white figure staring at her then disappear.

Shortly after that our four year-old cousin Kaelyn came to stay with us for a week. When she first entered she began to stare at the corner of the hall. When we asked what she was staring at she pointed at the corner of the hall and asked “Who is she?” But there was no one. That night she started crying without a reason and said that the women she had seen in the hall had followed her upstairs.

I decided to sleep with her as she was very scared. At midnight something woke me up, it was a white figure and it told me to go away. When I went closer to get a clear view, I saw that the white figure was a woman all in white, even her hair and her skin were white. It freaked me out. As I got closer to touch her she disappeared.”

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8th Avenue – Haunted Swift Current Database

Swift Current ghosts haunted paranormal Saskatchewan Canada

Location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Type: house
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Kyle on June 13, 2015:

“Me and my ex lived in a house on 8th Avenue. We started experiencing strange things. Cups in the cupboard would be full of water, stuff put away in closet, an Xmas wreath one day was stuck hanging on the shower head in bathroom with the tub full of water and the cat litter box floating. We left, came back half hour later and my CDs were scattered all over the living room exactly the same spread and distance from each other.. Furniture would be moved around… We would explore the house with cameras and batteries would drain instantly.. We would get photos and they would delete themselves from the camera as soon as we left the property..

I constantly had dreams and being stuck in a psychosis sleep state of a man trying to stab me…

Me and and a friend did a bunch of research on the house and learned that on Halloween night in 1969 a woman stabbed a man to death in this house… I felt sick learning this as it all made sense.. This house is still there and occupied.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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Sheshatshiu Ghosts: Leave Me Alone

Sheshatshiu ghosts haunted paranormal Newfoundland Canada

Location: Sheshatshiu (First Nation Community), Newfoundland, Canada

Ghost report from Jasmin on May 19, 2015:

“It was November 16, 2010. I was sleeping over at my aunt’s house. We were alone and she cooked my favs.. As we were eating, we saw someone across the kitchen. But we ignored it cause we thought we were tired as we finished eating.

We went to bed and I woke up around 2/3: 30 in the morning by the sound of the knocking on the window. I looked out the window, no body was there. There wasn’t trees or something that could’ve knocked. I heard the knocking again. It didn’t come from the window this time, it was coming from my aunties mirror. I screamed, I woke up my auntie and we ran out. Shaking and scared, we’ve been outside for 4 hours. It was about 7 am in the morning when we went inside. My aunt just moved into that house. We never slept in that room again. There was 4 different bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Then the next day I heard a woman crying in the bathroom. I thought it was my aunt, but it wasn’t her. I would tease my aunt when she cried, I’d always say “stop crying now, you’ll wet the floor” then the woman laughed and cried at the same time.. She spoke… She said “LEAVE ME ALONE” it was scary.. My aunt came upstairs and heard it.. She threw the shopping bags and ran downstairs.. We both did.”

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