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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type: ship
Built: 1952

The following report was sent into our website by M. Wryter on September 26, 2014:

“In 1986 I was a ship keeper in Toronto living aboard the motor vessel D. C. Everest. She was built in 1952 in Kingston, Ontario and at the time of her launch then she was the most expensive of her type and class built at the Kingston ship yards. She flew her flag initially with Marathon Paper Mills, then was sold to American Can and flew their house flag.

Somewhere along her career, she ended up on the scrap list and ended her days in the turning basin in Toronto tied outboard an old Imperial Oil tanker the London. There they sat for a couple years until I became her keeper and moved aboard.

There was nothing untoward about the Everest, no startling history for her as she was a work horse and not subject to glamour or anything spectacular in her duties. So this outlines the vessel and some of her history.

It was a hot August Sat. eve in the city and I had invited a few friends over for some good music and some social drinks, a little friendly get together for some relaxing fun. By 7:30 or so everyone was aboard, deck chairs were laid out on the hatches. Speakers were hooked up and a cooler with 3 bottles of wine was placed on the hatch along with glasses, the tunes cranked up (it was a dock so no one as around). We sat and had a few, told stories and chatted about all sorts of things, just relaxing and having fun, the eve flowing well.

At about 10:45 or so some had to leave so the gathering broke up and we all headed to the gangway to say good night and go our separate ways. And it was at the gangway that lead to the in board vessel, the London that we were gathered when someone said, “Look”, and pointed to the stairs on the starboard side of the ship. We all looked pretty well in unison and we all collectively saw a set of legs walking up the starboard stairs case to the Captain’s cabin. All 9 people saw this and everyone was in a state of shock over it.

Some shook their heads, others just in awe, one turned away and was sick. It was one of those unexpected things that happened and everyone reacted to it differently.

We all gathered our wits about it, some laughed it off as too much wine, but the fact was that we had all seen it collectively. The next day I had a couple of calls and it was discussed and after a few days we all agreed it had been seen by us all. Only one woman said that she would never set foot on the ship ever again, and well that was her final response to that eve.

She was eventually towed to India and broken up for scrap, so whatever ghostly crewman that was perhaps he found himself a new home.”

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The Paddock in Toronto – Haunted Toronto Database

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type: bar and restaurant, our case# B3230
Built: 1940s


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Cold Spot Paranormal Research™ was called out to investigate The Paddock in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We were the very first investigation team to ever conduct a paranormal investigation at this restaurant. We experienced the following oddities during our investigation:

An apparition was seen “poking” its head from the door next to the doorway leading to the kitchen

The apparition (mentioned above) was seen at the same time when we all heard strange prominent “rustling” type noises coming from the area that the apparition was seen.


An employee reported the following while inside the storage room: an apparition of a man, cold spots, and the feeling of not being alone

A thick, oppressive “gotta get out of here” feeling in the back storage room and back beer locker area

The bartender has reported glasses spontaneously hurling themselves off the mirrored glass shelves. He has also reported the feeling of somebody being in the room with him.


Some say the alleged hauntings are caused by the ghost of a “murdered gangster” who was rumoured to have been shot to death here. Other rumours say it is the ghost of a man who “hung” himself here. The manager told us that one of the men who were shot made it to the hospital and survived.

The Paddock Tavern originally opened for business in the 1940’s by Morris Fishman. He owned and trained thoroughbreds, some of which won Cups. Hence the name “The Paddock”. This bar and restaurant has a history of live jazz players from New York City; including Oscar Peterson and Alberta Hunter. It also drew a crowd of bookies and “gangster” types. The main floor bar had a downstairs component called The Saratoga Room, Blue Bonnets Room and the Little Saratoga Room.


WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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TTC Lower Bay Subway Station – Haunted Toronto Database

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type: subway station
Built: 1966

By: Michelle McKay (founder of ColdSpot.org)

This location is known for a lady seen wearing a red dress, with “black holes” for eyes. Her legs, if she even has any, have never been seen. Instead, she is seen “floating” along the railway tracks.

I had the fortunate opportunity to visit Lower Bay subway station while working on a documentary there about the paranormal. Lower Bay subway station is located directly below the current Bay subway station, and is not open to the public. Today it is used for employee training, TV/film shoots, turning trains around, moving equipment, and repairing trains. A few of the movies filmed here were: “Darkman” (Liam Neeson), “Johnny Mnemonic” (Keanu Reeves, Ice-T, Dolph Lundgren), and “Bulletproof” (Adam Sandler, Damon Wayons).

During my visit there, one of the TTC employees that regularly works at Lower Bay told me that his father also worked for the TTC. And that his father told him about the legend of the ‘Lady in Red’ that reportedly haunts there. He also told me that sometimes he himself experiences “drafts” while on the tracks in Lower Bay, which he said he believes is not normal. I asked him if it could just be the vent system that is causing the drafts, and he told me that he believed it is not possible for this type of draft to be down there on the tracks. The employee also mentioned that he “gets the creeps” while down on the tracks.

So, just who is this ‘Lady in Red’? Some believe that she was a woman who either jumped or was pushed into the tracks when a train came by, back when this portion of the subway was open to the public. However, to date, there has been no documentation found of anybody falling, being pushed, or dying at this subway station during the six months that it was opened to the public.

Also of interest is that the subway station was built on the former property of ‘Potter’s Field’, which is said to have been a “graveyard for the poor and social outcasts”. It is said that the bodies were then later relocated to Necropolis cemetery when the land was developed before the TTC built its station there.

Was the Lady in Red buried at Potter’s Field? Perhaps her legs weren’t moved with her body to Necropolis, and she is searching for them at Lower Bay? Or did she have nothing to do with Potter’s Field, and instead had an untimely death at Lower Bay that was not documented?

A few of the TTC employees told me that they believe she “lives” in the “old pump room” located in the tunnel going from Lower Bay. And that she is seen traveling along the tunnel there.


“I was reading your article on Bay lower subway station. As an employee who has been down and has experienced something, I would like to share. While walkìng along the platform I came up on a spot where it went really cold and I could feel this strange energy. I called to one of my fellow employees. She promptly came over and said yes she could feel it here. I then started having a very bad anxiety-like attack; I had a sense it was a woman. Other employees have said they see orbs floating in and out of the walls at night. There are quite a few stations with paranormal activity in them.”


WARNING: Do not trespass! Trespassers will be caught and criminally charged! Permission from the location owner must be granted to visit this location!

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interview with TTC employees