Ottawa Ghosts: Waking Up To My Forehead Getting Wacked

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Dylan on June 27, 2014:

“Well, my story doesn’t really have a conclusion because I was never able to find out anything about the home I had lived in, but I will tell it anyway.

Basically my parents had divorced when I was six and I had lived with my dad. while every second weekend I would stay with my Mom. When I was about 12/13 years old, my mom told me that she had bought a house and that she wanted me to move in with her. I didn’t mind the idea, and of course I wasn’t going to say no, so I moved in with her.

It was an attached garden-home, way out past South Keys (Ottawa), surrounded by forest basically. It really didn’t seem all that creepy at first, just a regular place. That is until I saw the basement. It was a strange basement with a bathroom at the foot of the stairs and with a bend you would find the laundry room and a long skinny hallway leading to an open living-room kind of area. Thing is there was this HUGE wall unit literally the size of the entire wall, and for some reason it felt extremely ominous. Anyway, I was REALLY into video games and I always wanted a cool gaming area or room, so I set up my video game console, tv and radio in the basement living-room area. Now I can’t really say when I truly started feeling “creeped out” or when things started happening, but I can say that I always felt as though I was being watched constantly. The house also had a very grim feel to it, even with all the windows open on the sunniest day, it’s hard to explain. One thing that I also found weird was how old and dated the carpeting was in the basement room along with the couch that had been left behind, it told me that the home was quite old.

When the voices started, I thought I was going insane. I told my mom about it and to be honest I don’t remember her response, although she didn’t jump to the conclusion that it was some paranormal event, which makes sense….Most people wouldn’t.

It would always happen in the basement while I was playing video games on the couch. I would hear my own name in a woman’s voice but it felt like it was coming from inside my own head. It would usually start out as just a regular “Dylan” and then gradually repeat itself louder and louder until it became this kind of harsh toned voice basically yelling my own name. I myself, didn’t even think it was paranormal at the time and thought I was losing it. I have lived in many different places, single homes, townhomes, apartments you name it, and I can tell the difference between a normal atmosphere and that which is inhabited by something else. I will never forget the constant stillness and looking behind my own back feeling like I was being stared at.

I had lived in this home for about 4 years, the voices had started maybe a couple months into it, and I was so creeped out by the basement by this point that I just moved everything to the top floor into my bedroom. Things seemingly got better, at least in terms of hearing my own name in my ear. I can remember the entire time we lived in that house my mom seemed very unhappy due to many reasons but for some reason being in that house seemed to just bring her down, and make us both angry.

One late night I was asleep in my bed as usual, it was probably past midnight at this point and all I can remember is waking up to my forehead getting WACKED. I sat up, eyes wide, quickly trying to comprehend what had just happened to me in my sleep. I could feel my forehead aching in pain so it absolutely happened, I just don’t know what caused it. Weirdest part is, whenever I have some strange paranormal experience like this, I always forget what happened completely after the event. I forget my own reaction to the event, I only remember my own recalling (if that makes sense).

I can remember one other time I was alone in the home one night as my mom had gone out for the evening and the weirdest thing happened. I can remember being in the living room on the main floor, then suddenly all I remember is I appeared in the basement laundry room in the dark to which I immediately snapped out of it. I freaked out because I was alone in the dark basement and reached up to turn on the light, which immediately started flickering and acting weird. Needless to say I got the **** out of there and bolted it up to my room, shut the door, turned on my tv and sat on the bed against the wall until my mom returned.

I can’t remember any other major events other than the overall negative atmosphere and feeling as though I was being watched all the time, in every room. We moved out, and I moved into my dad new house…………..”

¬†Update: Dylan sent us a “part 2” of this story located here

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Ottawa Ghosts: The Black Leather Belt Hovered Before Me

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Dylan on June 27, 2014:

“This is kind of a continuation from my last story (located here).

I had lived with my mom in what I believed was a haunted home for the past 4 years, hearing voices being physically assaulted, you name it. When she finally sold the home I moved in with my father who had ironically also just bought a new home.

This one was even older. His new home was a single house from the 1950’s, very old looking. It was a nice place though and I didn’t think much of it. I just wanted out of the creepy place in South Keys (Ottawa). I had been coming here on the weekends for the past couple months anyway and hadn’t experienced anything so I was pretty content with moving there. It only took a few weeks until I started feeling creeped out. The feeling was back, that feeling as if someone is right over your shoulder watching your every move, analyzing you.

There were a few extremely strange events which unfolded at this home. I had a friend over once, when I was like 16 years old and we were getting ready to go meet up with some other friends. I was upstairs and she was in the living room. All I remember is her saying “What was that Dylan?” to which I came running
down the stairs saying “what?”. I hadn’t said a word. Other than being creeped out, nothing too noticeable happened until a while later.

At this point, I was about 20 years old and was working a full-time job while paying my dad some cash to help him out with groceries and what not. I’m pretty routine, I would usually come home at around 5pm, make myself some food, go into my room watch something while I ate then spent the rest of the night playing video games. This one particular night, I had been doing the usual, just had finished eating my dinner and was just sitting in my computer chair watching something on YouTube. I should probably mention, when we had moved into the home, it was remodeled in a way that would benefit someone with a walking disability, possibly an elderly person on their deathbed. There was a makeshift bathroom built into the kitchen on the main floor leading me to believe that this person who had the disability was staying in the one bedroom on that main floor, my current bedroom. The way the room was laid out was you walked in and directly in front of you you would see my computer desk, to the right of that was my bed and parallel from the bed was the huge walk in closet, which always freaked me out.

This particular evening, I was sitting in the chair, watching videos as I said earlier, and I just felt this sudden urge to look behind me as if I had sensed some presence there. To my horror, all I recall is seeing my black leather belt (which I had thrown on the floor in front of the closet) hovering strangely off the floor as if it was being picked up. Weirdest part is, the rest is a complete blackout. I have absolutely no idea how I reacted to it, and I have no idea what I did for the rest of that night.

Since these two homes I have lived in 4 different places, in none of these locations have I experienced paranormal events.”

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