Help for the Haunted – Reclaim Your Space

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Help for the Haunted – Reclaim Your Space
By: Michelle McKay (founder of
August 17, 2014

This article is assuming you have read my first article “Help For The Psychic Medium – How To Shield And Cleanse”. If you haven’t read it yet, then please read that first because otherwise the following methods will likely do you no good. This article is a continuation, a part two if you will, to that first article.

This article focuses on practical ways to help reclaim your haunted home and bring peace back to the home. Notice the key word here is “help”. I am not saying that these methods are guaranteed to rid a home of ghosts, but it will “help” the situation. There is no known method that guarantees to rid a home of ghosts. It all depends on the situation. Again, please be sure to read my first article for further tips on help for the haunted.

Smudge Your House
Definitely the first thing you need to do is to smudge your entire home for starters. Smudge all four corners of each room and hallway. Do this once a month (or once a week, or daily, if things are extreme for you) until things settle down. Also, always smudge whenever moving into a new home — especially if spirits seem to follow you.

Block Entrances
Also get a bucket or a large bowl of water and place salt, a few bay leaves and a couple of tablespoons of rosemary in it (all can be found at your local grocery store spice section). Let it sit for a few hours, then sprinkle water around all the door frames of all doors leading to outside, and also around all the window frames in your home. I mentioned bay leaves and rosemary in my first article on page 3.

Don’t forget to also work on any issues of fear you may have as per my first article.


 Traditional House Clearing

Do this whenever you feel it is necessary. This method is a collective from several different cultures that I have come across during my over 15 years as a paranormal investigator. Some of it may sound very odd (or even extreme) to you, but this really does work in those desperate times when you need help to take back your home again and get some peace.

First, open every window in the house/apartment and open all blinds/curtains to let the light in. Then go through each room, hallway and area of the house/apartment making lots of loud noise by banging on metal pots with metal lids and stamping with your feet while shouting “Family and guardians you may stay, all others must go away!” (feel free to change the words to suit your belief system. For example if Catholic you might say “Family and saints you may stay, all others must go away!”). By saying “family” you are referring to deceased relatives that you will allow to remain in your home. If you don’t want your deceased relatives in your home then omit the word “family”. The purpose of the loud banging with metal pots and lids is for several reasons: many cultures believe that loud noise such as this will drive spirits away. Indeed I did have one client who drove our their ghost with loud noise. Also, the loud metal noise will also put strong vibrations throughout your home and will also reinforce your intent of wanting the spirits to leave. Furthermore, it will also raise your own vibration while going through the house doing this. So there are plenty of reasons why this is a good idea. If you live in an apartment then you might not want to do this in the middle of the night of course. Also, the purpose of opening the windows is to symbolically let the spirits out. Your marching band should consist of as many people as possible (this will make the “get out” energy stronger), but if there is only you then kick up the volume! Start at the basement (if you live in a house and have a basement. If you live in an apartment then only do your apartment — you do not need to do the entire apartment building just your dwelling) and move up to each level of the house. When you get to each level begin with all the rooms and hallways on the east side of the house (many cultures start house clearings in the east due to the fact that the sun, moon, planets and stars all rise in the east and sets in the west).With west being the direction of passing, start in the east and move in a westerly direction. Don’t forget to also open any doors that lead outside (while shouting and banging) as you come across them, then slam the door shut as you leave the area.

Then put your metal pot away and go throughout your house/apartment as you just did (starting in the basement in the east and moving in a westerly direction) and sprinkle salted water (with a few bay leaves and a few tablespoons of rosemary found at grocery stores added to the water) in all four corners of each room, hallway and area (including each window and exterior door that leads to outside) using your fingertips dipped in the water to sprinkle.

Then smudge the house/apartment. Smudging means to banish using smoke. If you can’t get a hold of traditional Aboriginal or First Nations smudge sticks then put a stick of frankincense incense (found just about anywhere where incense is sold) into an incense holder, then light the incense. Carry extra frankincense sticks with you in case you run out as you go along, and go through the house/apartment again as you just did (starting in the basement in the east and moving in a westerly direction). Using a bird’s feather or the back of your hand to “fan” the smoke into all four corners of each room, hallway and area while saying words that you feel will help your situation (ie. “All negative energies must leave, only good may dwell in here”. Or you can say a prayer if you prefer). Also be sure to smudge any exterior doors that lead outside as you come across them.

Then place fresh flowers from a garden or flower shop throughout your house/apartment to bring in positive energy/aromas. This will also help raise the healing vibrations in your home. If you can, include lavender and roses if possible. Lavender and roses have been used for centuries by many cultures to help bring inner calm, stability and helps alleviate emotional stress — will help bring peace to your home. But if you can’t get lavender and roses that is ok, most flowers have some type of energy that does the same as lavender and roses.

Now sit, relax and watch your favourite movie, maybe even pop some popcorn. Enjoy your new home. You should now feel the energy in your home has “lightened” somewhat.

Repeat this as often as you feel necessary. And don’t forget to also follow the tips in my first article. I wish you all the best, I know how you feel because I have been there (as explained in my first article). Keep strong, you can do this!



If you believe you are dealing with a deceased person then you might want to try saying the following. Go into the room most affected and say something to the effect of:

“It is time to leave here, all is well. There is nothing here for you now. You must be gone now. Go now, go complete your passing. Go and be well, farewell.” Remove everything that belonged to the deceased, such as their photos, writings, etc.. If you feel comfortable doing so sit there and talk to them as you would with a living person. Explain to them that they must go to the light and complete their passing. Explain to them that they can no longer remain in the home and explain to them the problems they are causing and why you don’t want them there (ie. “you are scaring me and my family, my children” etc..). But don’t keep doing this over and over again (read the section “Obsession” on page 2 of my first article). Obviously, this won’t work in all situations, some spirits simply refuse to leave. The reason why I have suggested telling the spirit to go to “the light” is simply due to the high amount of people who have reported seeing a light during near death experiences (also called NDE’s, similar but yet different from OBE’s).

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