Montreal Ghosts: I could feel the hot breath over me

Montreal ghosts haunted paranormal


Location: Montreal, QuebecCanada

Ghost report from Stefanie on February 24, 2018:

“The huntings took place in the span of ten years. From the time I was 12 to 22, I was haunted every day of my life. All of these events truly took place, and hunt in my dream ever since.

It all began on the summer of 1993 when my family and I moved in our duplex. From the moment we set foot inside I felt watched but other than that nothing else happened.

After six months, this all changed. The first thing paranormal that I can remember was hearing disembodied voices coming from the basement. It always seemed like a conversation was going on, however as time went on the voices became more aggressive and it seemed that a male voice was yelling. Even our cat refuse to go downstairs.

Then the cupboards of the kitchen would open at night. My bedroom was near the kitchen, and I would hear it open and close the whole night. I would get up to check on the kitchen thinking it might be one of my brothers, but it always would be empty. I would close the cupboards again, but they would be open in the morning. My brothers would complain that they would hear rattling glass coming again from the kitchen.

Then things escalated quickly, as the presence was becoming physical. One day, my father was at his office when he heard banging and voices coming from the playroom next-door. He assumed it was one of us kids, got off his chair and went outside. As he peered his head out, a metal hanger was thrown at him. It was thrown with such force that it actually dented the wall. At this point, my father was livid and ready to scold but saw that he was by himself in the basement. In fact, nobody was home.

The violence progressed to the point that we woke up with bruises and scratches almost on a daily basis. My parents thought it might have been our cat but the scratches continued after he was given away.

It felt as if the presence was becoming bolder. We would see shadow people moving around our home from room to room. One day my mom thought she saw my brother going into their closet. She said she saw the door shut and she approach the door and said: “I see you “. When she opened the door it was empty. It got really intense after that.

Then I would hear walking around my bed coming closer and closer and heavy breathing. I was petrified of the night because I knew that it would happen. The worse happen one night when my sister was in my room. She slept in the bed next to me when I heard the footsteps. I put the covers over my head to avoid seeing whatever it was. Then as the steps grew closer I head rattling, like keys, and again heaving breathing but this time I could feel the hot breath over me and my covers were thrown off. I lost it and began to scream. My mother came in furious. I explained what happened but she didn’t believe me. My sister, however, told me years later that she had heard it too. I had asked her why she didn’t say anything to my mother, but she was afraid to say anything in case that spirit would get mad.

After this, I started to pray every day for help and as I did the haunting became less intense around me. I got involved in the Church and after talking to our local priest he agreed to do a blessing. But when the day came his car broke mysteriously. Then he got sick and he left the church. Sometimes I wonder if it was related to whatever was in my home had anything to do with it.

As time went on, the haunting seem to disappear when my sister got sick. She developed anorexia and would walk for hours. One day, my mom felt a sudden urgency to take her to the hospital. But when she searched for her hospital cards and ID they were missing. My mother didn’t care about having to pay out of pocket for the visit. Once she was at the hospital, the doctors soon found that my sister’s heart was super slow and she was taken in for intensive care. The doctor said had my mom waiting just a couple of hours more, she would have gone into cardiac arrest and probably die at home. When my mom called, the cards reappeared on the table. I was crying because I knew something wanted to prevent my sister from getting help. My sister had a long stay and was in and out of the hospital for years.

The hauntings resumed until I got married. I moved to Laval and I finally found peace until I realized that something followed me but that’s a whole different story for another time. My brothers said that the hauntings continued after I left until my parents had enough and moved away.

We still talk about it from time to time and wonder if the people who bought the place are ok.”

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Gatineau Ghosts: He Leaned Over My Sleeping Sister

Gatineau ghosts haunted paranormal Quebec Canada

Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Ghost report from Claudia on February 22, 2015:

“On a cold winter day, me and my sister were staying home alone while my parents were busy working. We were both downstairs in two different rooms, not knowing we were both on the same floor. Then a weird sound came from the upstairs floor. I heard my sister screaming from the other room. “Claudia! Stop making that noise”. I froze and answered “I’m right here. I thought YOU were making that noise.” Right after, we heard really loud footsteeps from upstairs. It sounded like big construction boots. We thought someone broke in and were extremely scared. We called “hello” from down the stairs, too scared to look up. We heard a chair falling to the floor and the footsteps continued loudly. We ran to the office room and locked the door.

We called my dad but he was too far to be home right away. The footsteps were louder and we really felt in danger, so we called the police.

A minute later the footsteps stopped and the police arrived a while after with the entrance door wide opened. Because it was winter we expected boot marks on the floor, but nothing. They searched the entire house and nothing was taken or moved. It all felt so weird.

The house always freaked me and my sister out. We were always sleeping in the same bed. One night, I woke up from a really awfull dream and then saw the shadow of a man with a hat on (I used to see him all the time in my room). As the shadow approched it leaned over my sister’s sleeping body. Right away, my sister woke up. She turned her head to the side and she looked right at me with the scariest face. She had a weird creepy smile and was leaning closer and closer to me. I then said “stooop! You’re scaring me”. Her whole body fell right away back to bed.

The next day I told her what happened, but she couldn’t recall a thing. She was more freaked out than me by what she had done. or something had done.

Anyways, the house was always creepy. A few more things happened like things falling during the night, the alarm going off with no signs of break ins, and piano playing noises.”

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True Ghost Story: White Silhouettes At The Woodpile

Location: Chapeau, Quebec, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Lynda on July 21, 2014:

 “In the mid-eighties, my grandmother had died. My sister and I visited my parents one weekend and my mother was telling us about these visits from my grandmother. Both of us just let it go. At 2:00 AM, the phone rang twice and I answered it and there was nobody at the other end. I looked out the window and there were these two white silhouettes at the woodpile at the end of the yard. I had never seen that before and neither did my sister. My sister claimed it was all our imagination. My mother died in March of 2012 and family members have felt and seen her and dad’s presence in their homes.

In July of 2013, I was sitting in my living room and there was a silhouette shaped as a human being that went right across my window. My neighbour’s mother died in April of 2013 and death was a topic of discussion that came up a lot. So I’m wondering if that influenced my subconscious. I’m wondering if all this was a figment of my imagination.”

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