True Ghost Story: The Ghost Told Us A Story

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“I live in a funky three-floor house in Toronto beaches area. This house has ghosts we know for certain there are two but we feel there could be a third as well. I have a dog and three cats, the pets all sense the ghosts as we all watch them when they sense them on the stairs or when Diablo the cat talks to them which she seems to do often by herself … but the reason that I am writing this is due to a weird thing that happened.

We have four computers here and though three are on the main floor one is on the third floor, the third floor is away from the noise as the stairway to the floor is in the corner of the second floor so it is very quiet up there except when the ghosts are about.

Once in that room I kept closing the door as one of the cats was trying to get out through the window there as the screen was easy to knock out, this was in the spring as with the a/c on they can not access the window; but I had the cats on the main floor with me and I kept the door closed and I heard a bang so I went upstairs to see what was up and the door was open, so I closed it and made the trek downstairs.

This happened twice and I was annoyed as it is a fair hike up there lol .. but then I heard another bang and yelled ok that is it I am shutting this well! When I got upstairs I noticed that a telephone book was put in front of the door to block it open… which was wild as firstly I did not even know we had a phone book and I was the only person home so I know that I had not done this… so I then told the ghost ok if you want it open it will remain so and I just made certain the window was closed so the cats could not get out.

Another night my roomie, who has his computer on the third floor, was playing with a voice recognition program. He was not having any luck so he came down to chill with us and use the computer on the main floor. Later that night a few hours as we watched a movie or two he went to turn his computer off and had noticed that the program was left running and had picked up text.

It was weird and I have it somewhere but it sounded like a story. The ghost was talking about the window and seeing someone out there. We tried to talk in the room to see if it would pick up our voices and it would not. We left it on overnight to see if anything more could be picked up but the program froze so it did not but it was wild and I know it had to have been the ghost.

I live with my niece she is 20 and she has always seen ghosts, they freak her out so she doesn’t talk to them but she can see them, I can sense them but not actually see them.

One night I described what I felt the ghost looked like and she confirmed that was one of them, the other that lives here comes through as a dark shadow outline type the first though is a man who lived here.”

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True Ghost Story: Haunted Bungalow

Location: Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“There was an elderly couple who used to live here before my parents bought the house. My father and step-mom bought the house because the widow died. As a result of his mother’s death, her son put the house on the market. Included in the sale, was a portrait of the woman’s husband which she kept hung over the bed in the master bedroom.

Neighbours are always a little unsure of whether or not to mention the history of the house to potential buyers. The former resident’s husband actually died in the house. He was walking down the basement stairs when he had a heart attack and died. He had the heart attack on the upper landing between the side door and the staircase leading to the basement.

He is a fairly friendly sort of spirit. He tends to help by turning off lights and checking up on us while we sleep. Unfortunately for my brother’s girlfriend, waking up to seeing someone staring at you hasn’t always been a good surprise! She was a little freaked after that episode.

I have come to think of most of the comings and goings at Dad’s place to be relatively normal. We have creaky stairs that you can hear people walking on late at night, a Cd player that will come on while we are watching tv in the living room, and a stove that will turn itself down so that you don’t burn dinner when you are home alone.

The odd thing is, this isn’t your typical haunted house. It was built in the mid to late 60’s and is a 3 bedroom bungalow in a fairly modern development.

Back to the latest developments:
My brother was house sitting home alone taking a nap when the dryer started a dry cycle by itself. No clothes in the dryer, no one home. He woke up in a hurry! Another time that week, his stereo turned itself off in front of him. I haven’t spoken to his girlfriend yet, so I don’t know the whole story behind the experiences yet (his girlfriend notices more than he does).

There’s no teenage energy around to have caused some poltergeist activity and no one’s been harmed due to anything that’s happened here. Most of the time, there are our familiars (friends and relatives that have passed as well as former pets) who drop by and check up on us.”

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True Ghost Story: Gramma Attempts To Manifest

Location: Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“My grandmother and I were really close and you know how it is with a grandchild…you never want your grandparent to die. She was my best friend and I visited her every day. I’d seen her the day before she passed and told her that it was ok for her to go because I was going to be ok and it was time for her to go. You see, she’d been an active woman all her life and then at ninety years of age, she had a terrible stroke, which pretty much debilitated her.

Anyway, that night I went to work. It was weekend shift and I had to work twelve hours from midnight until noon. The night went pretty much as expected and then off to home I went. My plans for that day were to go to the flea market with my landlord however, I was exhausted and had no energy so I decided to stay home. I sat there for forty minutes not wanting to do anything but stare at the tv when all of a sudden I got this fantastic surge of energy. I got up and decided to start packing some more boxes in preparation for my impending move.

Well part ways through the packing, my Dad called me and told me that my Grandmother had died at exactly 12:40 pm…the same time I got all the energy to pack. I had a bit of a cry but I decided to continue packing.

I was bent over taping a box up when all the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I had been singing and thought maybe my landlord had come down for a visit. Looking up I found no one there and all of my animals were fast asleep. I went back to what I was doing and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a leg appear beside me and then another one with it. I stood up and was looking at what appeared to be a newly formed ghost or spirit…they were trying to form but could only manage this bight fuzzy quality.

It was the same size and shape as my Grandmother and even though I knew it was probably her, that didn’t stop me from making one big leap to the other side of the room… was like someone had suddenly come up behind me and yelled boo! When I turned around, she was running down the hall towards my bedroom and I was picking up the phone to call a friend of mine.”

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True Ghost Story: Haunted Apartment

Location: Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“I have been living in my latest apartment for the last 3 years. It was very boring the first year but then things started to get a little interesting. These are a few things that happened in the last few years, but spread out over quite a few months.

My roommate was alone with one of my cats in her room (no one else was home) and Orion started going crazy and hissing/growling in the open air. Totally freaked my roommate out.

I’ve had woken up in the middle of the night (not sure if a dream or not) with someone in a deep voice telling me to wake up. That’s happened a few times, sometime with something tapping me on the shoulders.

Mostly I have had experience in the hallway of our apartment of feeling like someone was following me. Or when I’m sitting in the living room I hear whispering or a feeling like someone is watching me.

I just got a new cat last year and he loves hanging out in the same hallway. I come home often with him looking up at nothing (I always look for bugs & spiders). Gordie also likes to howl also at a certain time a night (usually between 4 – 5 am… *g*).”

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True Ghost Story: Haunted At Our Homes

LocationScarborough, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“My girlfriend and I both live in historical sites of the town. I live in Painted Post (Woburn/Dowswell community) and my girlfriend lives around Danforth Rd & Danforth Ave. (Oakridge Neighbourhood area).

The area which freaks us both out the most is Oakridge Park, which is right behind my girlfriend’s house. We were both relaxing in the park last night when we both experienced an overwhelming sense of fear and unwelcome ness. We’ve both experienced uneasiness of heart and mind in both of our rooms as well at our houses.”

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True Ghost Story: Rabbit Says Good Bye

Location: Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“I was going to my sister’s place to taken care of her rabbit will in the house I fell asleep I was so cold I had a deep bone cold inside me. When I awoke I put on my coat to leave and behind me I heard as plain as day good bye. No one was in the house I looked at the rabbit and said good bye and ran out of the house. I always had that deep bone colds in that house.”

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