Lake Lenore Ghosts: We live in a hospital

Lake Lenore ghosts haunted paranormal


Location: Lake Lenore (village), Saskatchewan, Canada

Ghost report from Dominique Richard on April 1, 2018:

“We live in the original hospital in Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan. We didn’t think much of this house except that it was a big old house with a lot of history. We noticed weird happenings as soon as we moved in.

We had no idea of past paranormal activities so when my wife saw a young girl at the top of the stairway she assumed it was our young daughter. She called her name out but got no response, and the girl figure just vanished. My wife walked up the stairs and into my daughter’s room and found her sound asleep. She told me about it, but I brushed it off making fun of her.

Just a few days later, she heard a girl’s voice asking, “Do you remember me?” This was the last thing that happened for a few months until the day my own mother had an encounter. What makes this very interesting is how and when it happened. Let me give you a background about my mother. She is very religious and is a complete disbeliever of paranormal activities.

Well, that day she was sitting on our front porch playing a solitary game on the computer. It was mid-afternoon and obviously daylight. All of a sudden she heard a voice behind her saying “Hi Grandma”. Now, this would not be unusual except that none of the kids call her grandma but call her “Nanny”. Also, she was the only one home at the time. When she turned around, no one was there.

One day a friend of mine drove by and told me that we had forgotten the light turned on in the attic. He said he could see it from the attic window. I went up to the attic, but the light wasn’t on. I turned the light switch to the “on” position, but it wouldn’t turn on. After testing it I realized the bulb was burnt out. I removed the bulb.

A few days later we drove in the driveway and noticed a light on in the attic. I asked my wife if she had replaced the light bulb. She said no. When I got up to the attic, sure enough, there was no light bulb in the light socket. I will admit this was starting to get my attention. I will also have to admit I still was not a believer. Things started to pick up from there.

One day I was sitting down in our living room watching television with my daughter when we heard someone falling down the stairs and crashing into the door at the base of the stairs. This door is in the living room. We both started to grin and I actually said to my daughter, “Jean Marc had too much to drink again”. Jean Marc is my son, he lived with us at the time and being a teenager he sometimes would sneak out and have drinks with his friends. When my daughter and I walked over and opened the door… one was there. We proceeded upstairs and checked all four bedrooms, but found no one.

On other numerous occasions, our little dog would start barking at the walls for no reasons.

We have one bedroom down on the main floor where my wife and I sleep. Early one evening I wasn’t feeling well. So while the rest of the family was sitting in the living room watching TV, I decided to go lay down. I wasn’t lying down for more than five minutes when all of a sudden my pendulent light hanging from the ceiling started swinging violently actually hitting the ceiling. I called out for the rest of the family to come and see this. They came and saw what was happening. It kept going for two minutes and then stopped. Now, this was really starting to get my attention.

After that day things really got creepy.

One day I decided to go down and change the furnace filter. The only light in the basement was burnt and being that there are no windows in the basement it was quite dark. I asked my wife to shine a flashlight from the top of stairs so that I could walk down and change the light bulb. When I got down the stairs I heard this horrible growling coming from the right of me.

I bolted back upstairs. I asked my wife if she was trying to scare the shit out of me. She replied that she thought I was trying to scare her. From the beginning it was voices and things moving, that was kind of funny. But now I was getting worried.

One night I was sleeping by myself. Everyone else had gone to Regina for the night. I woke up from my sleep and saw a really freaky figure standing over me. It was lunicent, like a glow. It was not a human figure. The only way I could describe it was a large mosquito type figure. The scariest thing I ever saw. I felt like a little child, I actually covered my head with my blankets for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes. That night I layed awake with the light turned on.

In the last twelve years things happen weekly. We will feel tugging on our sheets and blankets while in bed, someone walking upstairs even though no one is upstairs.

One day the wife and I were at the bar when this lady came over to us and asked us how we liked our house. We told her we liked it very much. She was the owner of the house before us. What she asked us next sent chills right to our bones. She asked us, “Have you met the little girl yet?”

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Montreal Ghosts: I could feel the hot breath over me

Montreal ghosts haunted paranormal


Location: Montreal, QuebecCanada

Ghost report from Stefanie on February 24, 2018:

“The huntings took place in the span of ten years. From the time I was 12 to 22, I was haunted every day of my life. All of these events truly took place, and hunt in my dream ever since.

It all began on the summer of 1993 when my family and I moved in our duplex. From the moment we set foot inside I felt watched but other than that nothing else happened.

After six months, this all changed. The first thing paranormal that I can remember was hearing disembodied voices coming from the basement. It always seemed like a conversation was going on, however as time went on the voices became more aggressive and it seemed that a male voice was yelling. Even our cat refuse to go downstairs.

Then the cupboards of the kitchen would open at night. My bedroom was near the kitchen, and I would hear it open and close the whole night. I would get up to check on the kitchen thinking it might be one of my brothers, but it always would be empty. I would close the cupboards again, but they would be open in the morning. My brothers would complain that they would hear rattling glass coming again from the kitchen.

Then things escalated quickly, as the presence was becoming physical. One day, my father was at his office when he heard banging and voices coming from the playroom next-door. He assumed it was one of us kids, got off his chair and went outside. As he peered his head out, a metal hanger was thrown at him. It was thrown with such force that it actually dented the wall. At this point, my father was livid and ready to scold but saw that he was by himself in the basement. In fact, nobody was home.

The violence progressed to the point that we woke up with bruises and scratches almost on a daily basis. My parents thought it might have been our cat but the scratches continued after he was given away.

It felt as if the presence was becoming bolder. We would see shadow people moving around our home from room to room. One day my mom thought she saw my brother going into their closet. She said she saw the door shut and she approach the door and said: “I see you “. When she opened the door it was empty. It got really intense after that.

Then I would hear walking around my bed coming closer and closer and heavy breathing. I was petrified of the night because I knew that it would happen. The worse happen one night when my sister was in my room. She slept in the bed next to me when I heard the footsteps. I put the covers over my head to avoid seeing whatever it was. Then as the steps grew closer I head rattling, like keys, and again heaving breathing but this time I could feel the hot breath over me and my covers were thrown off. I lost it and began to scream. My mother came in furious. I explained what happened but she didn’t believe me. My sister, however, told me years later that she had heard it too. I had asked her why she didn’t say anything to my mother, but she was afraid to say anything in case that spirit would get mad.

After this, I started to pray every day for help and as I did the haunting became less intense around me. I got involved in the Church and after talking to our local priest he agreed to do a blessing. But when the day came his car broke mysteriously. Then he got sick and he left the church. Sometimes I wonder if it was related to whatever was in my home had anything to do with it.

As time went on, the haunting seem to disappear when my sister got sick. She developed anorexia and would walk for hours. One day, my mom felt a sudden urgency to take her to the hospital. But when she searched for her hospital cards and ID they were missing. My mother didn’t care about having to pay out of pocket for the visit. Once she was at the hospital, the doctors soon found that my sister’s heart was super slow and she was taken in for intensive care. The doctor said had my mom waiting just a couple of hours more, she would have gone into cardiac arrest and probably die at home. When my mom called, the cards reappeared on the table. I was crying because I knew something wanted to prevent my sister from getting help. My sister had a long stay and was in and out of the hospital for years.

The hauntings resumed until I got married. I moved to Laval and I finally found peace until I realized that something followed me but that’s a whole different story for another time. My brothers said that the hauntings continued after I left until my parents had enough and moved away.

We still talk about it from time to time and wonder if the people who bought the place are ok.”

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Palmyra Atoll Ghosts: Navy Vet Talks to Ghost Aboard Military Ship in Pacific Ocean

Palmyra Atoll ghost

Location: Palmyra AtollNorth Pacific Ocean

Ghost report from Dennis Wayne Smith on September 17, 2017:

“I joined the Navy in Hammond, Indiana in 1960. After Boot Camp in San Diego I was assigned to The USS Henry County (nicknamed “The Hawk”), a landing ship tank assigned to Amphibious Forces. Our job was to carry troops and their tanks. Hit the beach, open up the huge bow doors and they would roll off ashore and we would pull off and head back to sea. We only had a crew of 192 men including officers.

After going onboard and getting settled in I was assigned to the engineering department. I would be working as a boiler technician. I started out as a Fireman Apprentice and then Fireman and was fairly soon promoted to Boiler Technician 3rd class and was then put in charge of the Boiler Room. That was as high as I rose in the 4 years I served.

The day after I boarded the Hawk, many of the crew members were coming to me and introducing themselves and telling me where they were from. One of the guys was Bill Baylor, a tall and lanky, dark haired sailor from Hershey, Pennsylvania. We hit it off immediately and soon became best buddies. Bill had come aboard only 3 weeks before I had. Bill was an Engineman and rose in rank right along with me.

All the fun would soon be over. At the end of 1961, Russia resumed nuclear weapons testing ordered by Khrushchev. In early 1962, President John Kennedy announced we would do the same to answer the threat. The USS Henry County was selected to be one of the ships participating in the tests.

We steamed out of Long Beach on July 12, 1962, headed for Pearl harbor, Hawaii where we would re-supply food, fuel and fresh water. From there we would steam to what was termed the Johnston/Christmas Island Danger Zone designated Operation Dominic. The Hawk was part of Joint Task Force 8. The base we would operate from would be Johnston Island which was 823 nautical miles SSW of Hawaii. We would be steaming between Johnston and Christmas Island participating in the nuclear tests.

After 9 days at sea we sighted Diamond Head lying off our starboard side. We continued on down to enter the channel that would lead us to the Pearl Harbor Naval Base where we would tie up.

The next night after berthing at a pier, Bill, myself, and one of the welders hit the beach. We stopped at a little bar out on Waikiki. At muster the next morning it was announced that myself, Bill, and Howard Sayers (Second Class Electrician’s Mate) had been chosen to attend radiology school for five days. Three days after the classes ended we pulled away from our pier and headed down the channel and to the sea on our way to Johnston Island.

At 0500 hours on the third day we began approaching Johnston Island which was really not an island but just an atoll. We anchored 1,000 yards out from the break-wall that had been built around the atoll. We were all issued a dosimeter — a small, black round object that would hang from a cord around our necks. We were told these would be ‘read’ from time to time to detect how many roentgens we were being exposed to. They never were.

Bill, Howard, and I were seated on the deck just inside the port hatch. We knew a B-52 had left Hickam headed our way with a payload. It would be a surface drop of a multi-megaton nuclear bomb. We had no idea where the Hawk’s position would be in relation to this drop. This drop was designated “Shot Chama”. We had no idea what that meant either. The countdown was blared throughout the ship:

We three looked at each other. Howard shrugged — that was all he knew to do.

“D -MINUS TWENTY SECONDS … …19…18…17…16…15….14…13… 12…11…10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1”

The overhead lights blinked off and on. I could hear the engines changing speeds trying to maintain some sort of station. The engines shut down. There was silence. The speakers blared: “Brace for base surge.” We had been warned about the ‘base surge’ in radiology school. “Ten seconds to base surge – 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…”

It was like a giant’s hand had slapped the side of the Hawk. I was thrown against the bulkhead behind me. Bill’s head slammed into the bulkhead behind him. The Hawk took a 20 degree list to starboard and then bobbed back up on an even keel. On the deck under us we could hear the damage control parties:
“What the hell!”
“Mary, Mother of God.”

The ship’s speakers crackled: “Damage control teams to port and starboard shaft alleys for damage inspection. Report to CIC. Radiology team lay topside.” That was us. We got the hatch undogged and stepped outside. The heat was worse than inside. Daylight was just breaking. The sky on the southern horizon was unnaturally white with a greenish hue. It was like being on another planet, looking at an alien sky.

We headed below decks, stripped down and hit the showers. Doc stationed himself outside the shower stalls with his own Geiger Counter. Howard was the first to come out of the shower. He stood with his arms out and legs spread while Doc ran the wand over him. There was no clicking from the Geiger counter. I came out next and assumed the position. Doc pronounced me ‘clean’. Bill came out. There was some clicking under his right armpit. He went back into the shower. When he came back out, the clicking continued. He headed back into the shower. When he came back out the third time, the clicking had stopped. Bill was clean.

The next nuclear test was two days later. This time the weapon would be carried aloft by a Thor missile and detonated in the ionosphere above us. It was designated “Blue Bird.” We were each issued a pair of dark goggles with one-inch thick lens.

At 0100 hours we were all seated topside with our knees pulled up. Even with the goggles you had to bury your head into your arms because the initial flash would blind you. The control room on the island was coming through the ship’s speakers: “The blue bird has left the island – stand by”. We didn’t need to be told that. We were close enough to see the Thor missile lift from its pad and hear the roar and see the flame. It quickly disappeared into the blackness of the night. We waited. Then the countdown:

“D – minus 30 seconds.”
We buried our heads and closed our eyes.
“10 – 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1”

With the goggles on, my face buried in my arms, and my eyes shut, I still saw a flash of light. We waited. The speakers came alive: “All hands may now observe detonation.”

We removed our goggles and looked up. The sky was on fire. A deep, dark, boiling red, covering the entire sky. There seemed to be lightning bolts flashing through it. There were audible gasps all around me. I heard an unknown voice somewhere behind me, “Now we know what hell looks like”. Somebody else said, “The hell we do, this shit would scare the piss out of Satan!”

We had steamed southeast to Palmyra Island and anchored just outside the lagoon. We were here for what the Navy called R and R (Rest and Relaxation). Hot dogs, hamburgers – we were even allowed beer brought from Johnston Island. Some of the guys were in the lagoon splashing around. A baseball game was underway. Bill, Suds, Howard, several guys from deck force, and operations and me had a game of tag football going. The longer our game went the more competitive it became. Pretty soon the ‘tagging’ was replaced by full contact tackling. Bill and Suds and their crew were on the opposite team from me and Howard and our guys. When it finally ended, there were bloody noses and torn t-shirts. I don’t even remember which side won but it was great fun. Everybody seemed to be in a good mood as we piled aboard the LCVPs and the sun was setting.

Bill set down in a corner of the boat, “Man, I must really be out of shape. Damn, I’m tired and ache in every bone.” He didn’t feel like eating chow that night. I said, “They’ve got ice cream. Do you want me to bring you a bowl?” He thought a second, “Nah, I don’t think so.”

After chow I went back to the berthing area to get Bill for the movie but he was sound asleep. I went back to the mess hall and watched a movie. Halfway through just about everyone walked out, including me. Reveille came at 0530.

When I jumped out of my rack I noticed Bill was already up. I tied a towel around my waist, grabbed my shaving kit and stumbled to the head. An engineman named Mosley was shaving at the sink next to mine. I never cared much for Mosley. He resembled a chipmunk to me, buck-teeth and all. He said, “Where’s your buddy, Baylor?” I said, “Probably looking for you to whip your butt.” Mosley was patting cheap after shave on his jaws, “No man, I’m serious. He was supposed to stand the mid-watch on the auxiliary engines. I went to wake him up but he wasn’t in his rack. Hell, I couldn’t find him anywhere. Mac had to take the watch.”

I went back to my rack and climbed into my dungarees and boondockers. I headed to the mess hall to grab a cup of coffee and climbed the ladder to the main deck which I did alone most mornings to gather my thoughts and try to catch a breeze of some sort. As I moved forward I saw Bill up by the forward gun tub.

When I got to him I said, “Where in hell have you been, buddy? A lot of guys looking for you. You didn’t relieve the watch last night”. Bill said, “I know I didn’t”. That concerned me a little. I said, “Are you okay,Bill?” He smiled, “Actually, I feel better than I have ever felt in my life”.

That also disconcerted me for some reason. Bill had a strange aura about him, as though he was glowing just a little. It had to be the rising sun to his back causing the effect. But he also had a very slight scent of cinnamon about him which made no sense. For some reason we started talking about our adventures: the fun we had at the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena on New Years Eve 1960, watching The Washington Huskies defeat the Minnesota Golden Eagles in the Rose Bowl the next day, all the fun we had on the Pike Amusement Park in Long Beach chasing the girls, and the western sing-a-longs at Knotts Berry Farm. We laughed and talked for an hour.

Finally I said, “Lets go get some chow, buddy, before it’s all gone”. Bill said, “Not now, I’ll be down in a little while, maybe”. I said, “Make it quick or it will all be gone”.

As I turned to leave Bill stopped me. Putting his arm around my shoulder he said, “About that Australia thing, that was just a pipe dream, Den. I want you to promise me you’ll take care of yourself and go home and marry that raven-haired girl you talk about. She’s waiting for you”. I said, ”How would you know that?” He smiled again, “I just know, believe me I do. Hell, I might even be at the wedding if you’ll have me”. I said, “We’ll talk about it later” and headed down below for some chow.

After leaving the mess hall I headed down the passage way that led by sick bay where old Doc Bailey ruled the roost. As I passed, the hatch door was open. I noticed someone was on the hospital bed with a sheet over his head. I stuck my head in and said, “Who you got there, Doc?” He shook his head. “It’s your friend Bill, Smitty. I’m afraid we’ve lost him. He woke me up around 2300 saying he was in pain everywhere. I got him in here and he started throwing up. I gave him something to put him out but he was gone before he even swallowed it.”

I stumbled back against the bulkhead. I said, “You’re crazy Doc, I just talked with Bill a short time ago up topside!” Doc reached over and pulled the hatch shut and dogged it down. Doc said, ”Listen to me Smitty! I’ve been in this man’s navy nigh on 30 years. World War 2 and the Korean Conflict and I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen too many dead men and I’ve heard what you’re saying many times. The bottom line is I believe you talked to Bill on the main deck earlier because I’ve seen this before. But the fact is, your good friend has been dead close to 8 hours and lying right here”.

He pulled a little of the sheet back. It was Bill. A cold shiver ran down my back and my hands were shaking. Doc grabbed my arm and said, “Get ahold of yourself. As I’ve told you, what happened to you is not all that uncommon but if you have any sense at all you’ll keep it between us. You want an honorable discharge when you get out and not a Section 8. You wouldn’t be able to get a job at a dump. Just let it go, Smitty”.

I nodded okay but the chill was still with me. Doc said, “I’ve notified the Captain. A hospital boat is on it’s way to take Bill back to the Island where he’ll be flown to Hawaii and back to Pennsylvania”. Doc handed me a key, “In the meantime I want you to go to his locker and get all his things out and bring them back here so they can go with him. I know you would be the one he would want to do it”.

The chill was still running up and down my spine as I went to get Bill’s seabag and then to his locker to put all his things in it.

While going through his locker I found a piece of paper with Bill’s handwriting. It looked as though he had started a poem of some kind but hadn’t finished it:

Steaming On A Sea of Red
By William Baylor
Steaming, Steaming, Upon A Sea Of Red.
Steaming, Steaming, Upon A Sea Of Red.
Dare We Pray Tonight For Sleep Or Rest?
Or Would A Moment’s Lack Of Vigilance Bring
Us That Eternal Sleep That Knows No Sound?
Being Young And Foolish, We Do Not Know.

I slipped the piece of paper into my own pocket and I still have it. I carried it all back up to sickbay still totally bewildered.

In August of 1964 I received an Honorable Discharge and headed back to Indiana. The dreams started a month or so after I returned home: Bill and I talking that morning up by the forward gun tub. All of it. Word for word. The scent of cinnamon, the aura of light. Right up to me heading below decks. But it wasn’t that often, maybe once every 2 months or so.

As the years wore on, strangely, the dreams increased. It’s now to the point, after all these years, that the same dream comes to me at least once a week and sometimes even more often. My wife Linda is the one who told me I should write about it because it might be therapeutic for me. I can only hope it is. Hoping and praying. I certainly don’t mind having dreams about my friend. I would like to have dreams about some of our adventures. But it’s the same dream, word for word, over and over.

Everyone aboard the Hawk signed paperwork that nothing we saw or heard at Operation Dominic would not be revealed to anyone for 30 years which would be 1992. And I have honored that.”

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North Bay Ghosts: Haunted House on 3rd Avenue West

North Bay true ghost stories

Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Wendy on March 23, 2017:

“3rd Avenue West main floor apartment when you first enter into the door on the left side of the house. Not the apartment in front, but the one directly behind it located at the bottom of the stairs when on the right.

When I first moved in, it was my one year old and myself living there. Everyone who visited me had experiences there and many were scared off. I knew someone who had previously lived there upstairs, but she no longer resided there when I moved in. My apartment had a door off the kitchen going to the basement which the landlord allowed me to use to hang laundry to dry on ropes.

Keys were flying off the key holders hitting my guests in the face while on their way into the washroom which was off one of the bedrooms. The lay out was kind of strange but I needed the space as I was expecting another child.

My boyfriend at the time all of a sudden took a swing with his fists in mid-air and swore something grabbed him around the neck. Nothing was visible but he said he felt it.

We later broke up so I took in a border who claimed she was often being touched or could hear voices. She moved out. Another moved in and she had experiences of being touched.

My clothes would mysteriously vanish and one time my jogging pants somehow ended up in the kitchen sink with water and soap which I discovered in the morning.

One time I came home to the fire trucks outside the house. There was a fire in my apartment and somehow a pot of spaghetti was able to get onto a burner, turned on, and caused the fire. No one was hurt but three other people witnessed me taking the left-over spaghetti and putting it away. So how did it get onto the stove and turned on by it self I will never know.

My toddler became deathly ill suddenly and nearly died while living there. Two miscarriages occurred to two different tenants in the house in the upstairs apartment. My son was in hospital for weeks with a mysterious illness nearly taking his life.

My daughter came to visit one weekend and she ended up on the living room chair. I found her there around 5:00 a.m., she claimed a man carried her to the chair. There was no man.

When my second child was born he screamed day and night. No doctors could figure out why. My friends who were Native brought their child over who was a seer. They told me if anything was in that apartment they would know by her actions. She cried all night in fear, they claimed she could see evil spirits.

The lights would always flicker on and off and the landlord would accuse me of always leaving the basement lights on when I had not even been in the basement. I wasn’t even home that day.

I got fed up with this place. There was a mail slot on my wooden front door where the mailman would shoot the mail in to me. In the middle of the night I would hear three knocks on my door around 3:00 a.m. and no one would answer when I called out to see who was there. Only the mail slot would move up as if someone where placing mail into it.

I decided to send both my boys to stay with their grandmothers for a bit. Both boys’ health improved, so I decided to leave there and move away.

Years later while on Facebook I came across the lady who I once met years earlier who lived in that house in the apartment directly above me before I moved in. I asked her did anything ever happen while she lived there. She said yes there was an old man who often would be standing at the foot of her bed when she woke up, and things were often moved around and out of place.

I believe that house tried to kill my babies because when the doctors examined them both babies were sick and anemic, almost to the point of heart failure and for no apparent reason. So we decided to have my daughter examined as well cause she had been visiting on weekends. And she too, the same thing — iron deficiency.”

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Thunder Bay Ghosts: Haunted Farmhouse and Land

Thunder Bay ghosts farmhouse


Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Megan on Sept 6, 2016:

“I was living in Thunder Bay, Ontario when these “incidents” occurred and that was back in 1990 to 1996. We had just moved into a farmhouse with 110 acres of land — 5 acres which was cleared and the other 105 acres was bush/forest.

After about a week we decided to explore the forested land and we came across some really odd things. First, we came upon a vehicle that looked just about brand new. It was a 1946 Chev Fleetline and I’m not kidding when I say it was in perfect shape. The chrome was as shiny as a dime, no scratches, but it had one small dent on the passenger door as if a baseball had hit it.

The odd thing about it is there’s no way this vehicle was driven there in recent time. The trees surrounding it were older, each one approx. 12 inches wide and 150 feet tall with absolutely no room to drive a vehicle in. Also, the ground was spongy moss with lots of brush, no tire tracks anywhere. We found this so odd. It was like the vehicle was dropped from the sky.

We found odds and ends in the vehicle and I found a small diary in the glove box. The first entry was dated April 28, 1938, and notations about an impending war. There was a name at the beginning of the diary, but for privacy reasons I prefer not to mention it. The strange thing about the name on the diary is it’s our last name AND my husband’s first name, James. Is that freaky or what? And that is not the name of the people who we bought the home from.

I tried to get a hold of the previous owners and she mentioned that her brother (age 84) had passed since we bought the home and she had no idea who the name on the diary was nor anything about a car being in the forest. She also told us that her brother who owned the home for 40 years had mentioned that there was the original homestead on the property, but she didn’t know where.

So a couple of weekends later we had a housewarming party and my husband and I and four other couples took a walk through the forest to try and find this homestead. Our guests’ mouths dropped open when we reached the old car that we had found earlier and couldn’t believe the condition it was in. “Jeff” said that’s impossible. Someone must have painted it in not too earlier before, but we had no indication of that by the ground around it. We ended up selling it to him later that month.

So back to the forest… We found the homestead and it was right beside a small river or creek. It had a hand pump with actual spring water. Although it had seen better days, the inside was relatively in good shape. Possibly a squatter over the years had been there because we found some newer name-brand canned foods and other things that were placed there from that time period of the 90’s, like a wind-up 70s clock, some plaid shirts, Fruit of Loom underwear, etc., so recent stuff.

But, there were also many old rusted items that we found in a storage addition at the back of the home, things I didn’t know what they were but my husband and his friends knew, many things attributed a blacksmith like farrier tools (tanged rasp, hoof nippper, nail clincer, a trammel points, etc) and a beautiful old Seaton tool box and many, many other 18th century tools and large equipment. Our friends said you hit a gold mine and later it proved to be true, but that’s another story. There was also a diagram of the anatomy of horse legs, so I’m sure he was a farrier/blacksmith.

There was also an old chest under all the ruble and I loved it, so I asked my husband to bring it back to the house because I was going to re-finish it. Later, when I replaced the lining I found a plastic bag hidden in the lining with postcards and also hundreds and hundreds of date-stamped stamps from all over the world, but mainly Germany (1945-46), some military metals, etc.

So now that I’ve explained what we found, the idea of doing “ghost hunting” or any of the type of stuff they do now was really not heard of in the 90s, not like it is now. So when one of the members in our party had asked if they could come back at night with their tape recorder and explained what they wanted to do, my husband and I laughed and I remember saying to him “You’re not serious are you”? I said “Whatever turns your crank”.

They came back the following weekend and they went to the homestead. They came knocking at our door and said, “You’ve got to listen to this”.

They proceeded to play the tape recording and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There was a woman’s voice that said, “We need the Carlson’s pig”, whatever that meant. It was like she was carrying on a conversation with someone and didn’t know our friends were in her home.

Over the next few years they kept coming back and would play what they recorded. I was so freaked out and I pleaded with them to please tell me the truth. Were they hoaxing us? They were adamant they weren’t and that we could go back there with them. Well I didn’t want to go there at night and I said if there are ghosts there I can’t see whether it mattered if it was daytime or nighttime so I said I would go during the day and my husband and I did.

I couldn’t believe it. They caught all kinds of voices on the tape, but I also heard things with my own ears like someone snoring, like they were sleeping. I heard a woman’s cough and I saw fleeting dark shadows darting here and there. I was so scared I left them and walked back to my home.

While I was on the bush path I thought my husband was walking behind me so I was starting to talk to him and when I turned no one was there. I didn’t hear anything other than the normal sounds of a bush like birds chirping, wind, things like that. But I saw a couple of dark shadows going from tree to tree about 30 feet behind me. God, I was so scared I ran back so fast and locked my door. This was 2:00 in the afternoon.

Well all the years I was always a skeptic of anything to do with ghosts or ufo’s, but within the five years we owned that property our friends had so many tapes of recorded things. I couldn’t believe it. It would take me all day to write down all the strange things that happened to us at that time and the odd structures and symbols we found on that property.

When things began happening in our home that’s when I was done. I couldn’t live there anymore and we ended up selling the property and it had all started when I brought that stupid chest in the house to refinish it. I started to feel really strange and things like lights going on and off on their own, tapping on our bedroom window, my bathtub filled up one day only to come home to a flood of water that soaked the bathroom and the hallway floor AND there was NO PLUG in the tub. How could that be?? Pictures that just fell off the wall in our spare bedroom and I had a beautiful large mirror that my mum had given us and we found it smashed on the living room floor when we came back from groceries one day. Things were happening on a daily basis.

We had four dogs and two cats because we took in rescue animals and all of them, although they were in kennels outside, started to get ill within a short period of time… this went on for the next few years.

One night my husband went on a fishing trip for a couple of days and I had a girlfriend stay over and I had fallen asleep on the couch. I awoke during the night to my ankle being grabbed. It was like someone had placed a bag of ice cubes on my ankle. I awoke instantly and the living room was very dark, but at the end of the couch I had a recliner and I saw a very dark shape sitting in that chair.

It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust because I thought it was my girlfriend who also fell asleep because that’s where she was sitting, but the figure was so much larger than a woman because she was a tiny thing, so I knew it wasn’t her.

So I shut my eyes and screamed her name at the top of my lungs and she ran in a few moments later asking what the hell happened. I told her what I saw and she kept saying you must have dreamt it, but I didn’t. I know what I saw.

Well that was the last straw. We sold the house the next month and we left everything that we had found on that property (that we hadn’t sold) exactly where we found it. I even had my husband put the chest back in the homestead.

I know that you have much more frightening stories on this blog, but you had to go through what we went through those many years ago and I will never make fun of anyone who believes in spirits. I’m a believer.”

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