Thunder Bay Ghosts: ‘Hovering in the Corner’

Thunder Bay true ghost story


Location: Thunder Bay, OntarioCanada

Ghost report from Matty:

“In spring of 2014, I went to visit my friend who had recently moved into a new place. She shared a 3 story house with two friends on Crown St near the Hillcrest Park stairs. Thunder Bay is full of old character homes, so nothing really stood out to me initially.

It was the afternoon and she was in the midst of unpacking, so her stuff was awry in her allotted basement space. We were listening to some tunes and chatting away with our mutual friend.

After about an hour of hanging out, I noticed my energy levels started to dip. It was similar to that of having low blood sugar or being exhausted from a long day of work. I brushed it off as nothing and continued helping her set up her electronics.

About 2 or 3 minutes later, I heard this low, static-filled humming sound and there was an unusual pressure on the side of my forehead.

After touching my temple, out of nowhere I was hit with a powerful wave of energy which ran up my back and down my shoulders, almost as if someone gently grazed the tips of their nails on my skin.

I don’t know how else to explain this, but I felt the energy leave my presence and move to the next room. Even typing this is starting to creep me out a bit.

Without hesitation, I got up and walked towards the room. Immediately when I entered I was hit with that same sensation again, only I felt it cover my whole body. Even my toe hairs were standing up!

My eyes were drawn immediately to the top corner of the room, adjacent to the basement stairs. There was a small grey/green mass about the size of a bowling ball that initially looked like a shadow. But after inspecting it closer I realized it was hovering in front of the wall!

After about 3 seconds it then phased slowly into the wall. EEEEK…

I was completely astonished and spent a minute staring at that same spot and compartmentalizing everything. The room was well lit and there were no windows to cast a shadow from outside.

Freaked out, I went outside for a smoke. My friend’s roommates pulled in the driveway and before introducing myself I said, “I know this might sound weird, but your place is definitely haunted”.

Instead of getting the expected response, they gasped and shared with me stories of music being played on the piano by itself and cupboard doors opening on their own. They were extremely excited to hear this random dude validate their experiences.

I don’t consider myself a skeptic, but I try my best to rule out everything before jumping to conclusions. The presence didn’t necessarily make me feel afraid, but the energy that encapsulated it was strong and grounded.

To this day, after years of urban traverses and visiting abandoned asylums and hospitals, I’ve never quite felt anything like I did in that house.”

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Cornwall Ghosts: Blue Light Travels Through Kitchen


Cornwall true ghost stories


Location: Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Holly on May 1, 2017:

“I was never a big believer of ghosts. I always looked for a logical explanation as to what could have caused these strange things to happen. But at the end of it all there is some things I just can’t explain.

I moved into this duplex in year 2000. It was me, my common-law husband, and his nephew. I was at that time pregnant with my first child. I moved into this place knowing that a man that lived there before us just a few months prior had tried to kill himself and was found hanging in the doorway of the basement bedroom. He was sent to the hospital and revived but then later killed himself at his mother’s residence.

The owner of the duplex who lived in the other half beside us would keep telling me that the place was haunted and she would see people in her house and hear people walking down their hall at night. I kinda laughed it off. But then some strange this started to happen to us as well.

One night while we had friends over and we were playing a game of Risk, we all jumped to the sound of a loud bang that actually shook the whole house. The guys all jumped up and started checking the inside and outside of the house to see where it came from. No one found anything. We were all confused but we started to play again and 10 minutes later the same thing happened. Even the walls and dishes rattled from the loud unexplained bang.

In another occasion, me and my husband’s nephew were doing dishes when a bright blue light traveled through the kitchen. And many times at night when we were downstairs watching TV we would hear a sound that sounded like a dog running around upstairs and his nails tapping the floor as he ran.

You would also hear things rolling across the floor upstairs. Kinda sounded like a pencil rolling across the floor. It was weird because if we would go upstairs there would be nothing there.

Then I was home alone with my son who was now about 8 months old. The guys were working midnight shift and I had put my son to bed. I went downstairs to watch TV. My boy had a Fisher Price train that had a one button push remote. Push once and the train went forward, push again and it went backwards.

All of a sudden the train started going across the hardwood floor all by itself. I was the only person there. I thought maybe the remote was in the toy box hitting something, so I went and searched for it and couldn’t find it. When I turned around I noticed the remote was on the coffee table. Nothing was near it. Again the train started moving on its own. I was freaking out.

But the final straw was one night we were all sitting in the basement watching TV. All of a sudden the lights all turned off and the TV went all fuzzy. My first reaction was the power went out but then quickly realized the TV power was still on but just every channel was fuzzy. The light switch for the basement was at the top of the stairs. I went up and turned it back on because somehow it was in the off position. Then our nephew asked, “Well how did the side lamp turn off?” I said I didn’t think it was on but he was convinced that it was, so I went to touch the bulb to see if it was hot and sure enough it was. That’s when I looked down and noticed that it had been unplugged from the wall.

How does a light switch upstairs turn off and at the exact same time a lamp get unplugged and your tv lose all reception? All at the exact same time? This was enough for me. It wasn’t too long after that I had moved out.”

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Eckville Ghosts: Orb Flies Through Wall

Eckville Alberta Canada ghosts haunted paranormal


Location: Eckville, Alberta, Canada

Ghost report from Christina on July 17, 2015:

“My story happened in my home in October 2011.

I had a box in the entry way between my kitchen and living room. I was getting ready to leave my home to go to work around 5:30 am when, what I thought was my cat, I saw at the corner of my eye at floor level where I had placed this cardboard box. I thought this to be strange because I had let the cat out of the house only a few minutes prior to seeing this thing at the corner of my eye.

When I looked down towards the box I said, “Kitty?”. But instead of seeing what I thought was my cat I saw a smoke-coloured blerb that resembled a talk bubble in a comic strip tightly and very silently circle the box. It went around the box and out through the living room wall and disappeared.

The same time the next morning hovering this time over the box was a grayish mass that again I caught in the corner of my eye. When I looked up to see what it was, it completely disappeared!”

Quebec City Ghosts: Buzzing Ball of Light

Location: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Note from Michelle McKay: This is a really interesting story. It isn’t your average “ghost” story, although it could quite possibly be a UFO — or something in between. This reminds of the Walkerton incident that Uncle wrote about in his UFO files. It also reminds me of the time when I saw the Spook Light in Oklahoma/Missouri. And it also reminds of the “bear walkers” that the Aboriginals on Manitoulin Island told me about. 

The following report was sent into our website by Jay on November 7, 2014:

“It was evening in Québec City, the sky was dark and cloudy, the ground was very foggy and the air felt very crispy .

I had been walking all over the city that evening with my trusty and elegant lady friend Lauryanne. We had just passed an area with many people and tourists who were shopping and dining in restaurants. As we made our way through all the noise and commotion we came upon a very quiet street. It was so foggy I could barely read the street name. As I read the name of the sign in my head I felt a rush of cold over me . As that happened, the full moon pierced through some dark clouds lighting the sky, but with all the fog on the ground we could barely see anything.

We decided to go get a bottle of red wine to drink by the cannons where the high part of the city overlooks the basse-ville, walking distance from the Chateau Frontenac and near most other tourist attractions.

As we sat getting quite drunk off the bottle of red wine, talking about our favorite 60’s cult figures and plastic toys from the golden era . A scream was heard in the voice of a man saying ‘ C’est ici , C’est ici ! ‘ I didn’t understand what that meant, I thought someone was in trouble. We looked around and saw nothing. Suddenly it became ice cold around us but warm everywhere else. A bright orange light appeared about 4 feet away from us, floating free in thin air. We couldn’t see through it and it was round — about the size of a basketball.

I asked Lauryanne if she sees this object in front of her, she said ” why yes of course i do” and she took out her camera to take a picture. In the picture you can see the lights from buildings below and street lamps, but no sign of the glowing orange light ball. As I reached to put my hands on it, it made a noise and again sounded human saying ‘ c’est partie , c’est partie ‘ and as we grasped each other in fear of this strange sighting, to our complete shock! The orange light ball quickly shot up into the sky as high as the stars it seemed making a high-pitched buzzing noise then flashing 3 times, red, orange, white . Then disappearing!

We reported the sighting to the police car we saw parked nearby and the officer laughed at us. I asked Lauryanne if she thought I was crazy, she said ‘ yes you are sometimes but whatever that thing was I saw it too! ‘.

To this day we believe the sighting to be a Ghostly Encounter as it showing off what it could do, perhaps it’s was a light orb , or a UFO. Whatever it was, it was a paranormal phenomenon.

Some others who reported seeing it say maybe it was just a reflection, but we are convinced that this was an encounter of the third kind . A ghost stuck in another dimension.

Quebec City is and forever will be haunted by the ghost of the orange spirit orb.”

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Vancouver Ghosts: I Heard Someone Whisper My Name

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Katy on June 1, 2014:

“I’ve always been around people who dealt with ghosts/told ghost stories, especially growing up. One of the first times I actually seen a ghost was when I was 11, I was sitting in my bedroom – It was dark, I had the lights out and I remember feeling the sudden urge to turn my head, and I did. And just as I did that I saw the largest orb I’ve ever seen. I froze, and I remember just staring at it for what felt like centuries before it flew across the room and disappeared.

Another weird story was that my friend was moving out, I was helping her move, I think I was 13 at this time.. My friend and her dad took the last of the boxes and it was just me in the house. Prior to this my friend and her dad always talked about ghosts, said they felt they were haunted but it was just something I sort of shrugged off. So, just me being in the room I turned around and there was a plastic grocery bag, and I remember I was going to pick it up and it started moving, like literally like someone had it between their hands and they started squishing it. I saw the entire thing, freaked me out.

One more: I was 16, my mom was asleep and it was dark out, probably around 12 AM and it was around late December. I had some tea and I was walking upstairs to my bedroom before I heard someone whisper my name, multiple times it seemed, in my ear. It was almost like it had an echo, it just kept repeating itself.. “Katy, Katy”.

Before that I’ve seen shadow people in that exact hallway while walking to my bedroom – perhaps I’ll share those stories next.”

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Cemetery in Toronto – Haunted Toronto Database

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type: cemetery, our case# C2432
Built: n/a

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WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

In 2002, Cold Spot Paranormal Research™ went out to investigate a cemetery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada after experiencing activity during a training exercise here. Our team experienced several oddities during our investigation:

Michelle McKay and one of her investigators heard “tap, tap, tap” which sounded like it was coming from the ground below them. It sounded similar to the sound a woodpecker would make, yet sounded muffled. A cause for the activity was not found.

One of our investigators reported her hand feeling numb after dusting off a grave with it. The numbness remained for the duration of the investigation and was mysteriously gone when we left the cemetery.

Batteries were drained in one of the still-cameras while attempting to take a picture of an object. These were indeed new batteries. Michelle even pulled out the batteries and put them back in again, but they still wouldn’t work. These batteries were new and never used before.

Strange incidents seemed to be occurring in the area of a particular statue of an angel in the cemetery. When the team got approximately 25 feet from the statue (angel), the temperature seemed to get warmer. One of the people helping us that night claimed she felt the feeling of “something” walking through her while standing approximately 20 feet from the statue. She then took a picture and said that just as she was snapping it the lanterns hanging next to the statue swung back and forth. The team noted there was no wind or breeze felt at this time, the air felt still. Also, upon leaving the area of the statue, an odor of “fresh baked cookies” (smelled like shortbread) followed the team for the duration of the investigation. The team did not have any food, nor was anybody wearing any cologne or fragrance.

One of our investigators heard a voice say “over here”. She said it sounded like a high-pitched child’s voice. It was noted that no children or people were around.

Michelle and one of her investigators witnessed a dim white “orb” of light fly just slightly above them, about 15-20 feet from the ground. There wasn’t enough time to take a picture of it. It was just slightly bigger than a fist, and was not very bright.

CONCLUSION (written by Michelle McKay):

First I should mention that all photographs from this investigation are 35mm film — yeah, love the analogue days! In my opinion, I believe that photos C2432B and C2432C are moisture reflection. However, photo C2432D has my curiosity, it looks like a shaft or rod coming from out of the grave. We widened and zoomed a copy of the original photo so that you may get a closer look (hence why the photo looks distorted somewhat). We visited the cemetery again at a later date and found no pipes or obstructions coming out of that particular grave.

The tapping noise we heard sounded like it was coming from the ground below us. Very odd. We looked around for a bird in the trees or some other explanation and were not able to determine the cause. However, I still feel that there has got to be some kind of non-paranormal cause that we were unaware of at the time — it’s just too weird. This is the problem with working outdoors sometimes, you just never know if it was an echo coming from somewhere else.

The flying orb of light that we witnessed could have been a fire fly (my great-uncle, renowned UFOlogist Henry McKay, suggested this). The fire flies that I have seen are a lot brighter and smaller. I can’t help but wonder if it just wasn’t one of our flashlights aimed upwards and moving, because it was about that size. This happened very quickly.

The warm spot around the statue I cannot explain. That was unexpected as we were entering into the cemetery before we were able to get any temperature meters out, so unfortunately I don’t have any temperature readings to log here. All I can say is that it “felt” warmer than the rest of the cemetery. Again, being outdoors makes it more difficult to assess.

Although some bizarre strange things occurred, we really cannot present any conclusive evidence of paranormal activity here. It is just one of those things where you just had to be there to see for yourself. This is not to say that nothing paranormal is going on here, just that we did not find any conclusive evidence of it to show you. Just bizarre occurrences. I personally believe that this cemetery is haunted.

 If you have experienced any activity at a cemetery, or at any other location anywhere else in the world , please tell us about it here