Haunted Road in Nanaimo: ‘I Slammed into Him’

Nanaimo true ghost story


Location: Nanaimo, British ColumbiaCanada
Timberland Rd

Ghost report from Gord:

“When I was a young man I never believed in ghosts, but as I grew older I had a few things that changed my mind… Take the time my friend Jim and I decided to go to an evening movie in Nanaimo. We talked about the movie earlier in the week and decided on going Thursday night for the first show starting at 7:15.

So on Thursday, November 18, 1965, I started up my old 1954 Ford Coupe and drove to Jim’s house to pick him up. His sister came to the bedroom window and hollered to me that Jim would be out in 5 minutes…10 minutes later Jim ran outside in the pouring rain and hopped into the passenger seat.

“If you had been any longer Jim,” I said, “We’d have had to catch the next show”.

Off we went, the old Ford slipping and sliding down the side streets of town. I had the radio blasting and Jim and I were gabbing with one another as we came around the head of the bay of Ladysmith Harbour.

The traffic was light so I could step on it to make it to the show on time in Nanaimo.

We passed the old Cassidy Drive-In theatre and as we passed the south-end of the airport Jim asked me a question. I looked over at him to answer…The wiper blades were pounding back and forth pushing the rain aside as we neared Timberland Road on the left…Just then Jim hollered, “WATCH OUT”.

I looked back at the road and there was a man with a beard standing in the middle of my lane holding up his hands to me like he was begging me to stop. I punched the brake pedal to the floor but I slammed into him at 60 miles per hour. But there was no sound of an impact.

Jim was hollering, “YOU HIT HIM, YOU HIT HIM!”.

“I know I did, I know I did,” I said as the old Ford finally came to a stop.

No cars were behind me so I pulled off the road to the right. I grabbed my jacket from the back seat, put it on and flung my drivers side door open. The rain was coming down in sheets and my hair was wet in about two seconds.

“You check that side of the road Jim and I’ll go to the other side,” I said.

I crossed the highway as a car splashed past me going south…And then it was dark…I returned to the car and got a flashlight out of the glove box and turned it on. Another few cars splashed me as I crossed the road again.

I walked up and down that side of the road looking in the ditch and in the trees and broom bushes and saw nothing. I hollered to Jim asking if he saw anything and he hollered back that he had not.

I went back to the car and looked under it, expecting to find someone stuck underneath it…Nothing…Where was this strange guy we’d both seen at the same time?

“We did see this guy, did we not, Jim?” I asked. “Oh yes we saw him alright and you hit him dead centre but I don’t know where that guy is now”.

I turned the car around and went back down to the drive-in theatre then turned around again. I drove slowly looking up the road and in the ditch with my headlights. Jim was shining the flashlight out on the airfield…Nothing. There were cars passing us and honking their horns because we were driving so slowly.

The rain was still pounding on the windshield as I finally drove off again toward Nanaimo and our Thursday night movie.

We sat in our seat just as the movie started. We watched the entire movie that night and drove home later, still talking about the guy who tried to stop us at Timberland Road.

Ghost or no ghost, I don’t have an answer.

I watched the news the next day and read the local paper and nothing was reported about anyone being hit by a car out on or near Timberland Road that night or any other night.

Today, as I drive past the spot 42 years later, Jim is passed away now and maybe he has the answer but I do not. I still wonder about that night in the rainstorm, who or what that person was.

Maybe he was trying to tell me to slow down or someone hit him at that spot years before and he came back to ask for my help…I still don’t have an answer.”

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Ghost Nun Floats Down Sidewalk in Saskatoon

Saskatoon true ghost story


Location: Saskatoon, SaskatchewanCanada

Ghost report from Deidra:

“It was summer 1976. My sister, age 9, and me, age 10, used to go to this park in Westmount, a section of Saskatoon. We would walk home from the park down Avenue P and Faulkner Crescent.

We only went to the park twice, as both times we were walking home we encountered a nun. She was an older lady, maybe 55 yrs old. She had black rimmed glasses and wore the full traditional habit from the old days.

She walked with her hands clasped and there was wind blowing the skirt and headdress of her habit. She had a perturbed look on her face.

What made us notice her was that there was no wind on either day. It was a typical hot sunny, windless prairie day.

When we spoke to her (we went to St.Edwards Catholic School and were being respectful) she did not even acknowledge us.

We both looked at her as she walked past us and we noticed she had no feet and was floating 6 inches off the ground.

My sister and I just looked at each other then back at the nun who seemed to have just disappeared into thin air. It made our hair stand on end.

We saw her twice in the same month. I heard from other kids in the neighbourhood that they too saw the same nun. But, being kids, we never got answers.”

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Moose Jaw Ghosts: Blood Was Running Down Her Neck

ghost children video Michelle McKay


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Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

Ghost report from Shaye on April 5, 2014:

“One day dinner was late, it was about 10pm, I went for my regular walk. The streets were empty, with no signs of any life. I thought it was strangely deserted. I thought I heard someone whispering behind me, so I quickly spun around, no one was there! As I turned back there was a little girl, about 5 or 6, standing about a block away from me. I could hear her sobbing and mumbling to herself from where I was standing.

I started to walk towards her. I heard her saying she was lost and scared. I called to her if she wanted to use my cell phone to call a family member, but she stared at her feet the whole time. I got closer to her and I could see that she was bleeding from her head and the blood was running down her neck. I started to dial 911 but when I looked up she was gone.”

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Truro Ghosts: She Walks Along The Dykes Near The Road

Truro ghosts haunted paranormal Nova Scotia Canada

Location: Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Val on April 23, 2015:

“When I was a teenager a local trustworthy man was walking home from his job in Truro along the road to his home in Old Barns along the Cobequid Bay, at the end of the Bay of Fundy.

It was late at night and he was used to walking along in the dark as it is only five miles from town and their family was rather poor as they had lots of children to feed. They all were good friends of our family.

As he was walking along, he said he saw a transparent female walking along the old Dykes near the road! He was petrified and when he got home called my father who was the Director of Emergency for Truro and outskirts at the time. He calmed him down and the man told him his story.

It all came out as locals recalled an old story of a tavern owner that had his shop nearby prior to the expulsion of the Acadians, many were expelled from this area at the time. The Tavern owner had lost his wife due to illness and his daughter helped him in the tavern, which she did not like as it was hard work and she envied all the sailors that came to the tavern and longed to get away with them to see the world. Some sailors befriended her and conceived a plan to rob her father as they figured that he had lots of money in their home in the tavern. They convinced the young daughter to take them under cover of night to the tavern and let them in, which she did. They took the hidden money and fled. And she fled after them crying, as they did not want to take her with them. They only used her to get their hands on the booty!

She ran after them, where they killed her and cut off her head. Her ghost was said to haunt the road the tavern was located on and was reported that at various times since the incident she could be seen holding her head and running back, crying forgiveness to her father.

It has been seen a lot in the evenings The man who saw it and reported it was completely trustworthy and it scared him, so he would not walk the road at night. And us children were warned not to walk that road at night should we ever encounter the ghost he saw.”

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Truro Ghosts: Orange Figure Approached Me

Truro ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Alec on June 24, 2014:

“In summer 2008, my family rented a cottage for a week outside of Truro in Nova Scotia. Because of a lack of rooms, I ended up in the sunroom at the front of the house which had a panoramic view of the ocean.

One evening, when it was dark out and all that was on was my reading lamp, to my right a fair distance away, I saw a large orange shape making it’s way down the road. As I watched, this orange figure not only stopped heading down the road, but appeared to be approaching me. As it got closer, it appeared to be human shaped. Getting a bit scared, I turned away and shut my eyes, only to hear a voice whisper in my left ear, as though someone were standing over my bed, “how are you?”.

Needless to say I didn’t respond or look up. No one else was around to see/experience it, but I hear those words as clearly now as then.”

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Pineside Place NE — Haunted Calgary Database

Calgary ghosts haunted paranormal Alberta Canada

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Type: house
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Pauline on March 30, 2015:

“We used to live on Pineside Place NE from Fall 2006 – Jan 2008 and this place is definitely haunted.

Shortly after moving in, we started experiencing some pretty strange things. For example, at night, as I’d lay in bed about to sleep, I would hear footsteps, creaking, a door close, a cupboard open or close. I’d check up on my kids, but they’d be fast asleep. My husband and I would see small flashes of light, as if it was running across the floor. One time my father in law was visiting and he saw the same thing.

The house was a four level split. My husband was fixing a sink one day on the 3rd level bathroom and no one else was home. He was on his hands and knees looking under the vanity and heard some very loud footsteps coming up from the 4th level. He said the hair on the back of his neck stood straight up. It felt as if something was right behind him. He picked up a wrench thinking that someone had broken into the house, searched the entire house, but found nothing.

We never talked about it around the kids because we didn’t want to frighten them. One night after I put the kids to bed, my 7 year old son said he was lying on his back in bed looking up at the ceiling when he saw a man’s face come out of the side of the wall. He was so scared he put the covers over his face and was terrified to call out for help.

Another time, we saw what appeared to be a mini blue “tornado” that swirled down the hallway and disappeared. This blue object was maybe a foot high and was swirling very fast about 4 feet off the ground. It was just bizarre.

On yet another occasion, the kids and I were sitting at the dining room table next to the bay window during dinner when a man’s face suddenly appeared in the window and vanished. I was like “oh my god, did you see that??”

My husband ended up getting a transfer to another province, so we sold and moved out.

Sometime after we moved, we were telling our friends and family about our crazy experiences in that house. We googled the address on Google Maps and when we zoomed in to the house. We could see the man’s face that appeared in the dining room window, now looking out of what used to be our son’s bedroom window. It was just the freakiest thing and still gives me the creeps. I saved the Google Maps page to my favorites, but the link doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I wish I would of printed that page when I had the chance!”

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