Ghost Child Seen at Regional Hospital in Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat true ghost story


Location: Medicine Hat, AlbertaCanada

Ghost report from Mike:

“As my memories of the best job I have ever had fade away with time, Hospital Security Agent, I feel it necessary to share one of my creepy experiences at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital.

Please keep in mind that I am not an author nor have I ever wanted to be one. Only a select few have ever been told of this story.

All of my notebooks have long been destroyed, and I do not recall the exact time and date. This is written based on a memory of an incident that took place over two decades ago. Hope you enjoy!

Location Medicine Hat Regional Hospital, Level Five, Rehab Support Service Building West end. It was imperative, for the security of property and the safety of people, that this floor was checked thoroughly to prevent theft and from keeping transients from settling in one of the dark corners of the many empty rooms.

In this era, level Five RSS, as it was called, was basically a semi-abandoned floor used for secure storage and it had one room dedicated to Diabetes Education service. It was a poorly lit long stretch of hallway that was formerly nursing units 5 East and 5 West.

Prior to its abandonment, and after 5E and 5W had moved to their new location, Paediatrics had moved onto level 5W awaiting their turn to move to 4 North in the new addition. This floor was eventually totally demolished and rebuilt to its modern state.

Between the hours of, 00:00 and 06:00, in or around fall of the early to mid-1990’s, I was performing a routine patrol of level five of the Rehab Support Services section of the MHRH. I entered the floor from the far east entrance, a stairwell separating the old and new hospital.

The hall was dimly lit as I proceeded from east to west, checking every locked door and every nook and cranny. I reached the west side of the floor and I was checking each open room and entering the next through the connecting bathrooms.

I entered the last empty room, the northwest corner, via the bathroom door, and was shocked when, within my peripheral vision, I saw someone standing in the hallway just beyond the threshold.

I instantly felt all the effects of adrenaline as I realized a child was standing there looking at me!

It happened so fast! The child was there and then just… gone! I stood there dazed, my heart pounding, my hair standing on end and trying to rationalize what I had just seen.

I was convinced it was just fatigue that had caused a hallucination, however, at the time and for years after, I recalled details of this child as if I had seen them in a photograph.

I composed myself and re-checked the whole floor. I was almost positive the child was just a figment of my imagination, but the event seemed so real I had to be sure there was not a child running around the RSS building, however doubtful I was. I am positive I would have heard the child leave the floor through the stairwells or the elevator.

Of course, the search turned up nothing and I remember laughing at myself for being so foolish.

I continued my patrols as usual, but I could not get the sighting out of my mind. I even took a chance with my reputation and told the on-duty paediatric staff of my encounter. I asked if any children had passed away on the 5th floor prior to moving to 4N.

All staff that night assured me that no child had passed on that unit, they also had a good chuckle over it and I think they had a little joy mocking me. I was convinced at this point that it was, in fact, a full-blown hallucination.

This did not last too long, on a subsequent visit to 4N, a staff member was razzing me on the fact that I thought I saw a ghost and I was once again asked to tell my story to a more senior nurse.

This time I did not get the chuckles I was expecting, instead, she confirmed that one child had indeed passed away on 5W RSS. She had known this because she was on duty the same day the child passed.

I was sceptical so I convinced her to show me the room the child was assigned. I honestly did not believe her as she had been a bit of a jokester in the past, but I never revealed to anyone the actual room this happened in, so I was confident she would be exposed if not telling me the truth.

I escorted her to the old RSS level 5, while she told me a heartbreaking story leading up to the child’s passing. To my amazement, she lead me right to the room at the NW corner of level 5 RSS. The description she gave me matched the child I saw standing in the hallway outside of this same room.

I had only seen the child once, but I still have a strong memory of this incident. Of course, this is only one of the many strange things that happened within the walls and halls of the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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Lake Lenore Ghosts: ‘We live in a hospital’

Lake Lenore ghosts haunted paranormal


Location: Lake Lenore (village),Saskatchewan, Canada

Ghost report from Dominique Richard:

“We live in the original hospital in Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan. We didn’t think much of this house except that it was a big old house with a lot of history. We noticed weird happenings as soon as we moved in.

We had no idea of past paranormal activities so when my wife saw a young girl at the top of the stairway she assumed it was our young daughter. She called her name out but got no response, and the girl figure just vanished. My wife walked up the stairs and into my daughter’s room and found her sound asleep. She told me about it, but I brushed it off making fun of her.

Just a few days later, she heard a girl’s voice asking, “Do you remember me?” This was the last thing that happened for a few months until the day my own mother had an encounter. What makes this very interesting is how and when it happened. Let me give you a background about my mother. She is very religious and is a complete disbeliever of paranormal activities.

Well, that day she was sitting on our front porch playing a solitary game on the computer. It was mid-afternoon and obviously daylight. All of a sudden she heard a voice behind her saying “Hi Grandma”. Now, this would not be unusual except that none of the kids call her grandma but call her “Nanny”. Also, she was the only one home at the time. When she turned around, no one was there.

One day a friend of mine drove by and told me that we had forgotten the light turned on in the attic. He said he could see it from the attic window. I went up to the attic, but the light wasn’t on. I turned the light switch to the “on” position, but it wouldn’t turn on. After testing it I realized the bulb was burnt out. I removed the bulb.

A few days later we drove in the driveway and noticed a light on in the attic. I asked my wife if she had replaced the light bulb. She said no. When I got up to the attic, sure enough, there was no light bulb in the light socket. I will admit this was starting to get my attention. I will also have to admit I still was not a believer. Things started to pick up from there.

One day I was sitting down in our living room watching television with my daughter when we heard someone falling down the stairs and crashing into the door at the base of the stairs. This door is in the living room. We both started to grin and I actually said to my daughter, “Jean Marc had too much to drink again”. Jean Marc is my son, he lived with us at the time and being a teenager he sometimes would sneak out and have drinks with his friends. When my daughter and I walked over and opened the door… one was there. We proceeded upstairs and checked all four bedrooms, but found no one.

On other numerous occasions, our little dog would start barking at the walls for no reasons.

We have one bedroom down on the main floor where my wife and I sleep. Early one evening I wasn’t feeling well. So while the rest of the family was sitting in the living room watching TV, I decided to go lay down. I wasn’t lying down for more than five minutes when all of a sudden my pendulent light hanging from the ceiling started swinging violently actually hitting the ceiling. I called out for the rest of the family to come and see this. They came and saw what was happening. It kept going for two minutes and then stopped. Now, this was really starting to get my attention.

After that day things really got creepy.

One day I decided to go down and change the furnace filter. The only light in the basement was burnt and being that there are no windows in the basement it was quite dark. I asked my wife to shine a flashlight from the top of stairs so that I could walk down and change the light bulb. When I got down the stairs I heard this horrible growling coming from the right of me.

I bolted back upstairs. I asked my wife if she was trying to scare me. She replied that she thought I was trying to scare her. From the beginning it was voices and things moving, that was kind of funny. But now I was getting worried.

One night I was sleeping by myself. Everyone else had gone to Regina for the night. I woke up from my sleep and saw a really freaky figure standing over me. It was lunicent, like a glow. It was not a human figure. The only way I could describe it was a large mosquito type figure. The scariest thing I ever saw. I felt like a little child, I actually covered my head with my blankets for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes. That night I layed awake with the light turned on.

In the last twelve years, things happen weekly. We will feel tugging on our sheets and blankets while in bed, someone walking upstairs even though no one is upstairs.

One day the wife and I were at the bar when this lady came over to us and asked us how we liked our house. We told her we liked it very much. She was the owner of the house before us. What she asked us next sent chills right to our bones. She asked us, “Have you met the little girl yet?”

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Grand Prairie Ghosts: White Mass of Fog

Grand Prairie ghosts haunted paranormal Alberta Canada

Location: Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Ghost report from Ashley on April 12, 2014:

“I have always been a little different, although I can’t explain in words how. I have had numerous incidents with strange things happening to me or things I’ve seen.

I lived in an older house in Hythe, Alberta. One night I woke up to my grandmother calling my name. I answered her not thinking clearly. I sat up and my curtains were flowing, no vent near the window, and window was not open. This freaked me out, because my grandmother has long been dead.

I ended up moving into a brand new house in O’Brien Lake in Grande Prairie. It was myself and one bible thumper living there. He had been gone away for work for some time. I was up until 2am studying, I decided it was time for bed. I laid in my bed and looked up casually and noticed my attic entry was pushed up. My stomach dropped and adrenaline flooded my body. I called the guy I was seeing and told him I HAD to come over. I couldn’t sleep for two days..I began getting nightmares. I slept at his place for two weeks. Since then I felt like I was being watched alone in bedrooms. I am also a very active dreamer. My boyfriend told me I was talking in my sleep and I would sit up very fast and say things like “there’s too many people in here”. I explained what happened to my roommate.. he didn’t like the thought of me living there anymore and I moved shortly after.

I babysat for a friend often, she would work night shift. I slept in the spare room in the basement. A few times I woke up and the bed was shaking. As if I had been dropped on the bed. Like bouncing sort of. That was terrifying.

I worked a lot of night shifts at the hospital as well. One night I was reading and I briefly looked up and I saw a white mass of fog move as a body down the hallway of the hospital.. it was going fast enough. When I go to the staff room on nights I always feel that there is someone else in there with me..even when I’m alone.

I currently live with my best friend in her house. The lights will flicker often. And the basement light will turn on by itself. I didn’t think anything of it, maybe poor electrical right. Since we moved in I felt like someone was there with us.. I always thought they were an older person, kinda like a homemaker or something. I asked a psychic about it, she said yes there is an old lady in our house.. my great-grandmother or something.. she followed me. Our roommates crack jokes a lot about this. Unsure if we believe it or not.

One night myself and a roommate were making a carrot cake in the kitchen, and we made a comment about “is this enough icing”. And then my friend said “I don’t know maybe we should ask nana”…so we laughed and asked her.. we laughed about it for a moment and carried on. Five minutes later the TV in the next room turned on by itself. We just looked at each other for a while and then laughed. The faucets will turn on slightly by themselves as well.

So those are just a few examples.”

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Odd Ghostly Footage from Insane Asylum

Location: private/non-public
Type: asylum

This is a private case, and therefore we are only permitted to show the video footage of what appears to be “something” very odd. The location is at a reportedly haunted insane asylum known for its reports of ghosts and hauntings. We do not have permission to release which city or country this is in.

Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto – Haunted Toronto Database

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type: hospital, still in use
Built: n/a

We have received three reports about this location…

The following report was sent into our website by Deborah on May 27, 2013:

“I am 62 years old and for some reason today a memory came into my mind that I had long ago forgotten. It was in the 1970`s and I was a nurse at The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto. I remember taking an elevator that was a lone elevator and not often used. I remember someone (man`s voice) talking to me and really scaring me. He was actually quite mean to me. I remember hoping each time I took it, perhaps he would not be there but he was. Not if others took the elevator with me though. I remember not telling anyone since I was convinced they would never believe me. Today I am really trying to remember because I think for sure it was a spirit (ghost) and I have a feeling I was being pushed around in the elevator, even lifted up near the ceiling and put back down. I remember it was a man`s voice and it was clear he was very mean and he hated me. I am not sure how many times I took this elevator but I think I kept taking it because it gave me a shortcut out of the hospital after my shift. I think each time I put it right out of my mind since I would never be able to prove it and I was so scared. Some of the old parts of the hospital still exist but I am really trying to remember exactly where this elevator is. I wish I could go under hypnosis to get details. I wonder how many other people had the same experience as me.”

UPDATE: the following report was sent into our website by Alew on April 22, 2014:

“Just more of a comment, the elevator at sick children’s hospital that was mentioned is the black wing elevator, it has a very heavy atmosphere, and is in the old hospital area.”

UPDATE: the following report was sent into our website by Laurie on Feb 26, 2015:

“I was reading the story about the man in the elevator at Toronto Sick Children (Sick Kids) and I have a similar story. My daughter had to see her neurologist in 2010, at Sick Kids. My brother was with us and he is a “big kid” and always joking around. To lighten a very difficult day, he asked my daughter if she wanted to go in the elevator with him and they would have me take a funny picture on the way down (the elevator is glass so you can see who is in it). I waited down below and before the elevator stopped, I took a photo of them with my digital camera. I was shocked when I looked at the photo. Behind my daughter appeared to be “death” in a cloak with long fingers going over her shoulders. I thought I was just seeing things so when she asked me if she could see it, I hesitated, but eventually showed her. She immediately said,”OMG mom, look behind me!” My brother brushed it off, but neither of us, to this day, will bring ourselves to look at it.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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